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February 9, 2013

NMAT Series: NMAT Overview

It’s February, two months before the next NMAT. You are probably planning to take it that’s why you’re here, reading this. You want to get the highest score possible so you’re looking for tips on how to prepare for it and what to do during the exam day itself. Well, you’re fortunate in finding this post because here, I will be sharing about my NMAT experience and the things I learned during the whole process.


The National Medical Admission Test, as its name suggests, is an exam required for all who are planning to go to medical school. It is a tool that helps medical schools select students for admission.


This exam is given twice a year. One in April, and another in December. In April, the NMAT is held only in Metro Manila. In December, it is held in different test centers all over the country. 

How do I Register?

The registration is done online. Opening of registration is announced in the official NMAT site. After doing the online registration, you’ll have to pay for the registration fee of 1,900php. Payment can be done in any BPI branch. For details, visit the site (click here).

Do I need to prepare?

You need to prepare for the NMAT, if you want to get a high score. You will be competing against all takers, and preparing for it will give you an advantage over those who are not planning to study. CEM, the institution behind the NMAT, will email you a set of sample tests with answer key. I recommend that you practice with it so that you’ll have an idea of what the exam will be like.


What topics are included in the NMAT?

The NMAT has two parts, and each part includes four subtests. In the NMAT you will be tested on your knowledge and skills in verbal, inductive reasoning, quantitative, perceptual acuity, biology, physics, social science, and chemistry. More about this will be discussed in future posts.

What is the passing score?

There’s no such thing as a passing score in the NMAT because your NMAT score is based on percentile rank. It reflects how you did compared to other takers. However, medical schools have their standards and they set NMAT score cut offs. If you are eyeing to get into top medical schools, then you should aim for a high NMAT score. The highest you can get is 99+ and the closer to it your score is, the better.


cartoonI know I’ve been telling you to take the NMAT seriously, but don’t be pressured or scared. It is an easy exam. Just do your best so that you will have no regrets. You can always take the NMAT again if you are not satisfied with the result of your first take. But, why waste your time and money if you can do good the first time, right? 

In the next part of this series, I will be sharing tips on how to prepare for the NMAT. So, tune in!

Source: CEM, Inc. NMAT Online Registration System.
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