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February 28, 2013

NMAT Series: Review Materials

Ready to start your review? Below is the picture of the MSA NMAT reviewer. I got it from National Bookstore for 648php (actually, you can still see that from the tags since I forgot to remove them!). When you buy it, you get two books. One contains practice tests for parts I and II of the NMAT, while the other contains the answers and explanations. It is somehow helpful, but in my opinion, the questions in it are a bit harder than those in the actual NMAT.

MSA NMAT Reviewer Available at National Bookstore
I also promised to post the links of the online sources, so, here they are!
I hope they’ll be of help to you, but of course do not expect that everything in those links will be beneficial for your preparation. Like what they say, eat the meat and throw away the bones. I’ve already saved you from the whole process of googling for these, so it’s up to you to discern what to do with them.

Psychology refresher

Chemistry refresher

Physics refresher

For Sample Tests on Verbal, Math, Chemistry and Biology

For practice tests on Verbal and Inductive Reasoning

Other practice tests

God bless on the NMAT and do not think that preparing for it is tedious work. Have fun! Di not be too hard on yourself. As I have said many times, and I will say it again, the NMAT is not the hardest exam you’ll ever take in your life. So Chill. :)

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