March 17, 2013

10 Things I want to accomplish before medical school starts

1. Attend a graduation

2. Bake a cake

3. Make a whole wheat homemade pizza

4. Lose weight

5. Master a piano piece

6. Start and finish reading a novel

7. Go to the beach

8. Go somewhere I’ve never been before

9. Ride a roller coaster

10. Go wakeboarding

My gap year is nearing its end and I want to have fun and make the most out of it! Medical school will not start until June, so I still got 2 months to accomplish the things listed above. I hope I'll be able to check off all the items! Help, anyone?


  1. gusto ko rin mag wakeboarding at mag bawas ng timbang...sama tayo...

    1. tara ate liz! let us schedule that now ;)

  2. attend a graduation and master a piano piece..lolz

  3. robert diay ni.haha

  4. tara sumakay sa ruler coster! HAHAHAHA! :))


    1. tara, but im scared! hahaha! ive never tried it before!


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