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May 18, 2017

5 Things I'm Grateful For

With everything that's happening around us, it's easy to get lost in the moments. Life may pass us by without us realizing the blessings we're endowed with. It's good to take short breathers from time to time and appreciate the good things in our lives.

So why don't you take a pause with me and think about the 5 things that you are grateful for?

Here's mine:

1. I'm grateful for TIME;
time to take a pause and think about what I'm grateful for;
time to rest and recover from life's pressures;
time to do what I love doing - teaching, writing, creating.
time to live life and learn about its complexities.
time to spend with my family.

2. I'm grateful for LOVE;
love from my family who's willing to stand by me even if I have failed them;
love from my friends who value me and my abilities;
love from my boyfriend who's willing to put up with my mood swings;
love from myself, finally.

3. I'm grateful for OPPORTUNITIES.
opportunity to work;
opportunity to discover my interests;
opportunity to discover my skills and talents.

4. I'm grateful for PROVISION of my basic needs.
a roof over my head.
food to keep me from getting hungry;
money for other things that I need;

5. I'm grateful for LIFE.
Life that's wonderful and exciting, though scary at the same time.

Have you thought about what you're grateful for?  Care to share your list?


  1. Here are my list of 5 things that i'm grateful for: 1. for life and love 2. for my family 3. for my talent 4. for every opportunity and 5. for my ability to share my talent and blessings to others.

    1. Thank you very much debonairesden! :) I'm glad to hear that from you! :)

  2. I absolutely love this! It's positive And enlightening! You have a gift for words ❤️ -KJD

  3. great and inspiring post :)
    we should all take some time to think on what we are grateful for


  4. I'm grateful for this post for the priceless message in it. Thank you. :)

  5. I liked your list, categorized but detailed. Oh the power of thankfulness! I am grateful for my faith in God, without which I could not go on. I am grateful for a loving and supportive husband and family. I am greatful for good health. I am grateful for the quiet activities that I can pursue despite depression (writing, painting, sewing, colouring, walking). Thanks for asking!

    1. Thank you for sharing your list Wendy! :) I love writing colouring and walking too! :)

  6. wow dami comments way to go blogger sister!

    1. Thank you sister! :) Help me blog about Taiwan when we go! :) <3

  7. There is so much to be grateful for... sometimes we all need to be reminded

  8. This kind of posts should be more frequent on the web! It is so important to be grateful :)

    I hope you continue to accomplish all your goals!


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