May 17, 2018

5 Helpful Articles to Read When You Think You Need to Slow Down

Do I need to slow down?

I've been slowing down with the blog and the biz lately. I'm not sure if it's because I'm busy doing "other stuff" (which I will tell you more about in the future). It's also probably due to the tapering of my antidepressant's dosage. Whatever the reason is, I know it's time for me to take it slow.

Wait, what? Slow down? With the rate I'm going, is that even possible? Well, slowing down could mean different things to different people. For me this means, doing less for my bullet journal and blog, and less worrying about the jewelry business.

It's also timely that #3 on Jillee's list of 20 Creative Exercises for Finding Purpose and Passion in life is to Slow down.

Do you think you need to slow down? Here are timely articles that I think you should read.

1. 4 Not-So-Obvious Signs That You Need to Slow Down

I'm sharing this because I love how it is written. You probably need to read this to yourself aloud, but it's like talking to your best friend!

2. 9 Signs It’s Time to Slow Down

This is another signs that you need to slow down listicle. For me, this is more comprehensive than the first one. If you're not convinced by the 1st listicle, then this probably would!

3. 5 Reasons to Slow Down Your Life Today, and How to Do It

I love this article because it outlines the benefits of slowing down and gives us actionable steps on how to achieve it. It's lengthy but worth reading.

4. How To Slow Down And Better Appreciate Your Life's Every Day Moments

Short and sweet, this article hits home for those who love making to-do lists, such as myself.

5. 3 Compelling Reasons to Schedule More Nothing

Courtney is one of my favorite minimalist bloggers. Her words in this article are refreshing for me. I hope it has the same effect on you.

Think you need to slow down? I hope you find these articles helpful for your current dilemma. Life's too short not to be enjoyed. Go fast when you need to, slow down when you can, and thank God for every moment He has given you.

Help I need to slow down

May 11, 2018

HELP! I'm in a Bullet Journal Slump!

I never thought this would happen, but it did. I'm currently going through a bullet journal slump. I haven't touched my bullet journal for a week. I'm even avoiding social media because I don't have anything new to post about.

One week away from bullet journaling is probably not that long. However, I don't want to lose the discipline of planning with my BuJo. Plus, I feel lost without my BuJo. That's why I've decided to pick up my BuJo again.

I think I'd like to start with simply logging my tasks on a day-to-day basis and unload on my "brain dump" pages. I hope I'll be able to regain my diminished discipline to do my bullet journal. Once I fully recover, I'll share with you my experience.

Have you ever tried going through a bullet journal slump before? If yes, do you have any advice? Any help will be appreciated.

April 28, 2018

Love what you do, do what you love: The Wise Lark Ponders

In one of my previous posts (What should I do with my life: The Wise Lark Ponders) I mentioned about coming across this infographic on 20 Creative Exercises For Finding Purpose and Passion in Your Life. I'm done with #1, which was what the aforementioned blog post is all about, so I moved on to #2 which says to love everything you do.

This led me to make a list of the things that I'm currently doing right now. 

In my 20-ish years of existence, this is the time of my life that I'm happiest. There's not much pressure, every day I wake up and sleep, and enjoy life in between with bullet journaling, blogging, helping out our jewelry business, helping manage our home in Davao City (because my parents are working in a different town, 4 hours away). I love my current life.

I know this cannot go on forever. My happiness yes, but living under my parents' roof? Nah. I can't stagnate at this stage. I have to move forward, from young adulthood to being a full-fledged, responsible, self-sustaining adult.

I hope as I slowly progress, I won't forget to love what I do and do what I love.

How about you, what are you doing right now? Do you love what you do? Do you have time to do what you love?

Do what you love journal prompt