March 20, 2013

My First Attempt at Cake Making

I just baked my first cake ever! This is my first accomplishment among the items listed on my  10  things I want to accomplish before medical school starts list. Today is my sister’s schoolmate’s birthday and his friends are going to surprise him with the cake I made.

Yesterday, while she was in class, she sent me a text message asking me if I could make a mini birthday cake for her schoolmate. Having my bucket list in mind, I immediately grabbed the opportunity! I’ve never baked a cake before, and my first attempt to frosting was a failure. Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge.

I set to work right away. I bought the ingredients that I lacked, looked for a chocolate cake recipe on the internet, and started working. I tried to follow the internet recipe that I found, but it turned out hard on top. It could work as a brownie, or a chocolate bar, but not as a cake. After 2 attempts, I decided to do away with the internet recipe and adapt my aunt’s brownie recipe instead. I modified it a little so that its texture will be that of a cake. 

To go with it, I made a lemon butter cream frosting. Making the frosting was easy. What’s challenging was placing the frosting on the cake. I thought that frosting would an easy task but, I was wrong! It took me hours before the cake was decently covered with butter cream frosting, and I’m not even sure if it looks decent enough! I enjoyed writing the birthday greeting though. I was hesitant to write on the cake at first, but thank God, when I did, it went well (I think).

I never thought I would succeed, but I did! I was worried that I would ruin somebody’s birthday just because I could not frost his cake right! But the cake’s done, and it’s on its way to school ( whew!).

So, here is my first cake ever:
Please be nice on your comments, this is my first time!


Okay, so maybe, I need more practice. I'll be working on this, and hopefully, I'll make a better cake in the future!

By the way, here is what my sister was working on while I frosted the cake:

Looks yummy?
Maybe it's better if I used chocolate frosting on the cake instead! Oh well, there's always a next time.

At least, I can now check off one item on my bucket list.

# 2 Bake a cake

Acknowledgement: I want to thank my aunt and cousins from Sta. Rosa, Laguna for teaching me some of my baking know-how. I also want to thank my sister for helping me out. I love you Klarisse! :)

Note: I did not post the recipe because I’m still experimenting. Someday, I’ll probably make a recipe section in this blog. That is if I'll be able to keep baking as a hobby.


  1. OMG the cake looks awesome. :D
    i bet it's delicious too ;)
    thanks sa cupcake yesterday~

    1. THANKS FRIEND! Welcome! :) I'll practice hard so that I'll be the one who'll make your wedding cake someday. JOOOKE! HAHAHAHA

    2. haha! wedding cake jud? :)) okay challenge!! LOL

    3. haha! joke! birthday cake na lang! :)

  2. One word to describe it... "KALAMI!" hahaha:))



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