March 11, 2013

It's Almost Official!

I started my day early since I was planning to do some major house clean up. I noticed that our shelves and drawers were overflowing with things, most of which we don’t use anymore. A lot of work needed to get done, but I had to start somewhere. So, as my first project, I chose to tidy the bookshelves.

We had so many books in our house that we could actually put up a mini library. I had to arrange encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibles, hymnals, bible study materials, cookbooks, sewing books, gardening books, novels, children’s bedtime story books, and a lot more! Ate Liz, who saw what I was doing was nice enough to lend a hand.

As I was working, I heard my message alert tone. I put off reading the message for a while, because my hands were still dirty with the dust and everything. But after a few minutes, and after cleaning up my hands I read it, and I could not believe what I saw:


It was from a friend, and she was informing me that I got accepted in the UP College of Medicine! Boy, was I happy to hear the news! I could not help but scream for happiness! Ate Liz, puzzled, asked me what was happening. In my joy, I could not answer right away! I literally rolled on the floor first before I told her the news.

Before telling my family and friends, I knew I had to see the results myself. I trust my friend but I could not fully believe it yet until my own eyes saw the list. So, I immediately opened my Facebook account and there I saw the glorious list, bearing my name.

I know I overreacted, but what could I have done? The joy of being accepted in my dream medical school was just too overwhelming. I’ve been praying hard and long for it. I know a lot of my friends and family prayed for me too. And now, our prayers have been answered. I’m officially accepted! 

I thank God for giving me the slot. I remember how as a young girl, I often wondered where I would study in high school up until I become a doctor. Maybe, at those times, God would secretly smile, knowing that He has planned those things for me, and I need not worry, for His plans are always the best. He did not answer to my wondering  all at once, but He did so gradually, and always with the perfect timing. Thank You Lord for making another revelation today!

I also want to thank everyone who helped me through prayers and moral support.  To those who welcomed me into their homes during my application, NMAT and interview, and to those who listened to my pre and post exam and interview ramblings, thank you very much. You have been blessings to me!

I know that the road to reaching my dreams doesn’t end here. If I’ll think of all the work that must be done before I become a medical doctor, then I must say, I’ve got a long way to go. I’ve heard stories about medical school and none of them said it would be easy. With that, it’s inevitable for me to have some apprehensions. However, I know that this is a major go signal from God. If He’s able to get me in a medical school, then He can surely get me out the best way He can (and I believe that means getting me out through proper graduation!).

I’m excited to go to med! I hope I won’t regret writing that, and please don’t burst my bubble. I know medical school will extract my blood, sweat and tears, but I’m also aware that I have a big God. On Him alone I depend.

So, What happened to the house cleaning? Of course, even if I received the news, nothing’s changed except that I now have a slot in my dream school. I’m still at home, living my domestic life, and I still had to get the work of cleaning the shelves done. So, I finished the shelves with Ate Liz, and continued doing the rest of my chores. 

That's the story of how this blog becomes an almost official medical school blog. I know I'm there, but I want to wait until I get enrolled before I make my final declaration.
Road to medical school checklist update:
  • College (premed)
  • NMAT
  • Application
  • Interview
  • Get on the admission list
  • Final Decision-making (if I’m blessed enough to actually have a choice) 


  1. Teresita F-LozadaMarch 11, 2013 at 8:32 PM

    hi Karl,

    goodness gracious - although i am convinced in my heart that God had already opened the door for you sa upmedschool - i still am so elated reading your blog! God indeed is great and He is extremely good to His children!! as you continue to travel the road God set for you - NEVER forget Psalm 37:4 - two-sided coin yan :) you know last sat lang namin ulit hiningi sa Lord na i-announce na ang iyong acceptance and now here, ni reveal na nga Nya HOORRAAYYY!!!!

  2. Way to go BRAINIAC!!! So overly proud of you!!!

  3. Thank you teacher tes! :) I shall keep that verse in mind :)

    Thanks ate lany! :)

  4. nice one mae. :)

  5. thanks robert! God bless on your graduation recital! :)

  6. Congratz Karl...God bless your plans & desires..You will be one of the great doctors someday with God's help. We are proud of you...God bless you always..


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