March 2, 2013

JCO Doughnuts: The Best Way to Enjoy Them!

So I've heard of these JCo donuts for months now. I've seen people lining up just to get their hands on these tempting treats. Is this merely a fad? Or are these doughnuts really worth it?

I was at Alabang Town Center this afternoon, catching up with my college friend when I saw J.Co Donuts and Coffee. The line wasn’t that long, so I decided that it was time for me to try their donuts. I bought two dozens, one to bring home to my aunt and uncle here in Sta. Rosa Laguna, where I am currently staying, and another to bring home to Davao as pasalubong to my family. I was so excited about having my first JCo experience that I did not even bother to get acquainted with the different flavors. I let the JCo food handler to do all the choosing for me. I could not wait to taste them even if the lady was still filling up the boxes. However, I had to wait for when I get back to my aunt and uncle. After all, I bought the extra box for them, not for myself (or maybe for myself!).

Finally, when I got back, the first thing I did was to open a box and offer the donuts to my aunt and uncle. I asked permission if I could have a taste of everything and the result was this:


I'm sorry for the picture's quality.
The lighting was bad and I had to take the picture quickly.

It’s as if a mouse took a bite of every donut! I bet that mouse’s palate was satisfied today! Don’t worry! The mouse is civilized and it used a knife to get pieces off those donuts. They’re not contaminated or anything. Kidding aside, I assure you, they’re safe! I know they now look unattractive, but I know my aunt and uncle who knows that I’m a foodie will surely understand!

So, what can I say bout the donuts? The donuts were perfect, not greasy and they had the right level of sweetness. The flavors were unique, very different from what I’m used to. Every bite was a new experience and every taste was well appreciated. Therefore,  JCo is not merely a fad after all, and the best way to enjoy them is to have a bite of each kind!


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