March 9, 2013

NMAT Series: Final Reminders

exam preparationsSo the NMAT is near, you’ve done your review (or maybe not) and you're probably having pre-examination jitters, so what is there left to do? There’s not much really, but there are a few reminders that might help you calm your nerves.

The Night Before the NMAT

If there’s ever a time to give up studying, it’s this time. The night before the NMAT, you should not be straining your brains anymore because it will not just be exercised the next day, but it will be having a major workout! Relax and sleep early. I bet you would have other people telling you that, and it would do you good to listen to them.

However, before you rest your sleepy heads, make sure that you know how to get to your testing center, and where in the testing center your room assignment is. It would be helpful to acquire a map of the testing center so that you’ll familiarize yourself with it.

When all of these are settled, then, you can call it a day. During my time, I ended my day praying for the NMAT. I believe prayers can make a difference.

examination On the Day of the NMAT

Wake up Early and Do not be late!

This is it! The day you have prepared for has finally come! Wake up early. You wouldn’t want to be late would you? The exam starts at 8:00am, and you wouldn’t want it to start without you. In no case should you be late for the NMAT. Make an allowance for travel time and consider heavy traffic to ensure that you’ll arrive before the NMAT starts. You are advised to be there by 7:00am.

Once you arrive, do not hesitate to ask for directions to your room assignment. You can ask from the information booths that will be set-up in the testing center, and of course, you can always ask the security guards!

Take on a full armor

It’s not enough to arrive early. As any warrior who goes to battle, you should have your proper armor and weapons! I’m exaggerating, but seriously, you need to be dressed properly to shield you from the cold. There’s no dress code or anything, but it’s better that you’re prepared with a jacket in case you’ll get distracted by the air-conditioned room’s temperature. A watch might come in handy too! 

You should also make sure that you have everything you need with you. Check if your bag has pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, water and food. I also suggest that you bring your lunch to avoid long lunch lines. You will have part I of the exam in the morning for three hours, a lunch break, and then part II in the afternoon for 2 and a half hours. 

You should also bring your NMAT identification form with your school head’s signature, and a valid ID. If you’re already a graduate, no school head ‘s signature is required, but you ought to bring your TOR. I’m not sure if they really check these things (blame my bad memory for that), but it’s better to be ready than not.

So there, you’re all set!

After the NMAT

Finally, the war is over! You might feel light-headed after the grueling 5 and a half hours of exam-taking. You have nothing to do now but to wait for the results. Online result will be posted approximately 15 working days after the examination. The official copy will be ready for pick up 6 weeks after the examination date. If you opted that your result be mailed to you, it will arrive a little later than that. Preoccupy your mind, forget about the exam and don’t worry about it anymore. Let the result worry about itself!

God bless on your NMAT! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. I’ll probably make a last post about NMAT to answer some frequently asked questions.

For more information, visit the official NMAT site (see Source).

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  1. Hi. Can you remember what are the exact time limit for each test subject? Thank you

    1. I'm so sorry for the late reply, I've been so busy. I'm sorry but I can't remember :(

  2. Hi, Karla!

    Is it possible to get a copy of the official NMAT result less than 6 weeks? I am yet to take the NMAT on March 2016, but I am planning to apply for the next school year too. I am afraid that 6 weeks might be too long a period, especially since slots in some medical schools are quite limited. ��

  3. The exam is on April 17, 2016. During March/April schedule of examination they release the official copy of results after 4 weeks. There are also schools who consider the online results as reference then requires you to pass the official one when it's available.

  4. hi, how many times someone can take NMAT? thanks


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