March 28, 2013

Nostalgia attacks ex-Pisay student!

Last Friday, March 22, 2013, was Philippine Science Southern Mindanao Campus’s 25th Recognition Day. My sister just finished her 1st year in Pisay, and she’s blessed to be given a spot on the Director’s List. As a proud and supportive sister, I attended the recognition.

When we arrived, I noticed a lot of new things in Pisay. I was itching to take pictures, but I waited until the program started, and the awarding of the DLs done, before I went around.

I could not help but be attacked by nostalgia as I walked the halls of my former school. High school had a big impact in my life, and even if I was a totally different person then, I could not deny that I enjoyed everything about it, including all of its stress and drama.

Spending High school in Pisay has a lot of perks. More than the free tuition fee and the monthly stipend, the ±89 awesome batch mates that you get to spend your whole high school life with, not to forget, the excellent teachers you get to learn from, make it a unique experience.

So I went around the campus, and my first and only stop, was the Academic Building.

The Academic Building

This is the Academic building or the Academe as we used to call it. I don’t know what they call it now, I did not ask my sister, but this is where most of our time in high school was spent – sitting in class, waiting for the bell to ring. During breaks, or after class, we would sit on the floor or stairs, sometimes, even lie down (or was it only me?). We did not mind the dust back then; we were engrossed with interacting with our friends. Musical people would jam, anime loving people would talk about anime, those who love sports would buzz about the latest NBA news, in short, we would just chill, and talk about, or do random stuff in and out of this world.

In the Academe, the first thing I looked for was my first year classroom. But, I was surprised to find out that it’s not a classroom anymore. I don’t know what they made of it, because it was closed, but section 1-Diamond (now 7-Diamond), now resides somewhere else.


Diamond, why oh why did they move you? Notice that door at the left end of the picture? That’s where Diamond was, when I was a freshie. I remember eagerly volunteering to raise the drapes that cover the windows every morning, hoping to get a glimpse of my high school crush, hoping that the universe would conspire to make him pass by! That's cheesy, I know. I'm sorry, I was very childish and innocent back then!

Guess what else surprised me? Not only was my 1st year section moved, but also my 2nd year section!

2-Dahlia resided in a classroom on the 3rd floor during my time. But now, it’s on the first floor. If this were the case back then, I could have saved energy climbing up flights of stairs just to go get in class! But I think that was supposed to be for my advantage because I had a lot of weight to lose! I eventually lost most of it, but not through the stair! Anyway, I wonder what’s in the former 2-Dahlia classroom now?

Since two sections moved to different classrooms, I assume the same for others. It’s a shame I was not able to check them even if I really wanted to. I found it odd to go upstairs alone, so this was the farthest that I went. I thought it was better for me to go back to the gym to finish the program

On my way back, before leaving the Academe, I noticed the pigeon hole. It is where a lot of last minute cramming took place, especially on the day of art/drafting plates or lab report deadlines! How I miss those days when I and my friends would cram those things, especially the lab reports, ‘together’.

The Pigeon Hole

So that’s it, I've had enough time reminiscing. The urge to go back to the gym was getting stronger, as I could sense that the program was approaching its end.

So, off I went. But before finally leaving, I took one last picture.

 Changed as your halls are,
Memories from time afar,
Heart and mind has kept,
Feels like I've never left.

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