March 14, 2013

Repost: Joseph Rojas's Testimony

It's not about me, max lucadoI woke up too early this morning, at around 5 am, and I could not bring myself back to sleep. So, I decided to start my day right away and start it by reading Max Lucado’s book, It’s Not About Me. Today is the 6th day that I’m reading it, and since I’ve committed to read a chapter a day, today, I was on Chapter 6: His unchanging hand. In this chapter, Max Lucado featured a testimony by Joseph Rojas, which pricked my heart as I read it. I believe this is worth sharing, and I hope that this will bless you as it blessed me.

Joseph Rojas
December 2003
My father left when I was around three years old, and my only memories of him were his beating my mother bloody. I grew up dreaming of having a father. I never really fit in with the other kids. I was the fat kid who never got picked for any teams. As a teen I started using drugs to take my pain away. Soon I started selling drugs and getting in trouble with the law. I ended up in jail a couple of times and finally got charged with my first felony. I was not a Christian. I didn’t care whether or not there was a God. Even if there was a God, why would he want a worthless drug addict like me? By this time I had a $400 a day cocaine addiction and I was a two-time felon with no hope for the future. I hated myself, and not a day went by that I didn’t think about blowing my brains out.
After stealing from my own mother to get high, I decided to take my life and began to try to overdose on cocaine. My mother walked in unexpectedly and saw me overdose. She was crying out to God and called the paramedics. While I was out in the ambulance, I felt the power of God! I called out to Jesus to save my life, and for the first time, I felt like I got picked!

I have given everything I am to Christ, and he has taken me places I never even dreamed were possible. I now sing in a Christian band, Seventh Day Slumber,to tell others about God’s faithfulness and unchanging love. I have been nominated for Dove Awards, have had #1 songs on the radio, and have led over nineteen thousand young people to Christ! I am crazy enough to believe the scripture that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I am not perfect; I still make mistakes, and I still sometimes feel down, but now I have a place that I can go for strength, and that place is Jesus Christ!

His testimony is also available on video:


  1. WOW! Siya pala yung vocalist ng 7thday.. >_< now i know! :) nakakaencourage naman yung testimony niya! God is so good tlga, no matter who u are or where u came from if he choose u wala ka tlagang takas.. Inspiring story. :)


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