April 29, 2013

Bad Blog Organization: My Apologies

Okay, so I know how blogging pros always say to find your niche and stick with it. They say not to make your blog a hodgepodge of randomness. Obviously, I’m not applying that here, and I feel bad about it. I’m sorry. It’s not that I’m not trying. It’s just that I’m a storyteller who’s easily impressed with things, so whenever I encounter something that’s of interest to me, I immediately go in front of my laptop, and type a story.

I can sense that what I’m doing is starting to get boring, and I think one factor is because of my failure to follow one of the most crucial blogging tip most bloggers give –  think about your readers. They say to think of your readers,  offer them something that’s of value to them and something that would benefit them. Infuse your personality in the way you write, but do not make it all about you. I’m sorry if I failed at that too.

To be honest, I started this blog with lack of knowledge on what blogging is about, and how to do it. I’ve read some blogging tips before starting, but not enough for me to avoid the tons of mistakes I’ve committed. I know I’ve made a lot of blogging mistakes and It’s going to kill my blog if I won’t do anything about them soon. However, I don’t regret those mistakes 100%, because it’s through those mistakes that I learned.
I’m apologizing for being a bad blogger, and at the same time promising all of you that I and my blog will improve. I can’t promise that things will get better right away, so I’m hoping that you be patient with me, as I organize my blog and myself.

I’ll be contemplating where I want to bring my blog, and I’ll be updating you about the results of my contemplation. Help is also needed here. If you have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to tell me. I’ll be willing to consider them. Thank you.

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