April 21, 2013

Free dance workout video inside Nestle Fitnesse cereal box!

Nestle FitnesseGuess what I found inside the Nestle Fitnesse box?

 A free 20min dance workout video!

I'm not really a follower of their 14 day weight loss challenge because I love to eat and I can't strictly follow the meal plan, but I am a fan of their cereal. So, I blindly got a box from the grocery without reading the label. I was surprised to find out later that it goes with a free CD! Nestle is really bringing their fitness program to the next level (check Nestle Fitnesse on Facebook).

Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Program

I and my sister tried it, but it's a bit hard for non-dancers like us. However, for those who love dancing and can get steps immediately, it could be fun! My goal is to be able to dance along with it in the near future!

This is a proof that I'm really serious with my bucket list before med school, and that I'm really working on my weight loss goal (see 10 Things I want to accomplish before medical school starts) I've got a month and a half left! If I'll be successful with weight loss, I'll give you tips! I promise.

Nestle Fitnesse Popstar CD
The dance workout CD


  1. I had this! Or it was more of a tango routine or something hahaha but I never tried it. Anyways good luck to both of us in our goal of losing weight :)


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