April 26, 2013

I’m chickening out on wakeboarding

I said in my earlier post, Free dance workout video inside Nestle Fitnesse cereal box! that I'm serious about my bucket list (10 things I want to accomplish before medical school starts). If I say that I'm serious about it, then I should achieve everything on the list, right? However, as my dad always quotes, "only fools don't change their minds", and so, I am going to change my mind about one item on my bucket list.

Item no. 10 on my list is to go wakeboarding, and I was planning to do it in Deca Wake Park Davao.  Here is a print screen of their website (click here to check it out) 

Deca wake park davao

My sisters have gone wake boarding there with some church mates, and some of my friends have also tried it. That's why I want to try it for myself too! 

I’m not usually a quitter, but after contemplation, I've decided to postpone the experience. It’s because my schedule doesn't have space for it. You see, the only chance I have at wakeboarding is if I’ll be able to convince my elementary friends to do it with me. However, given the limited time I have in Davao (I'll be leaving for Zamboanga for a family reunion in May 3, and will be leaving for Manila in May 6 for medical school admission requirements), and the busy schedule of my friends, it's so hard for us to find a common time, long enough for this.

Okay, so maybe I'm also a little scared because I’ve not heard enough positive feedback about it, for me to really push the event. Among the people I know who were able to try wakeboarding, most just said that it’s difficult, scary and painful. But, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to talk people out of trying it. I myself would like to try it someday, just not now. So there, I said it, I'm scared.

That's it. Sad news, the highest score I can get for the list would be a 9/10. I do hope I can achieve that! I'm really working on the piano piece, and am trying hard to lose weight. I hope I'll be able to go to the beach, and finish the rest of the items on that list. Hope the best for me guys! May this summer be full of fun and relaxation for all of us! :)


  1. My friend wake boards and loves it. I think it would be awesome to try at least once. your newest follower

    Lisa @ http://makemegodly.blogspot.com/
    God Make Me a Godly Woman

    1. I accidentally deleted my last comment as I was trying to clean up some spammy comments. I've been following your blog and I like it. Keep it up!


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