May 6, 2013

6 Reasons why I haven't posted anything lately

*Just proof read this post today (5/8/2013). I was so sleepy when I posted this the other night. For those who were able to read this post with all the errors, I'm so sorry.*

I have not posted anything on my blog since my last post (Bad Blog Organization: My Apologies). That post was my call for help with some of the blogging problems I’ve been facing. I wish I could say that during the time I’ve been away from my blog, I’ve been working on genius blogging ideas. However, I could not say that because a lot of other things kept me busy.

Even if I want to give you every detail of what I’ve been up to, I’m aware that I can’t if I don’t want to bore you. So, instead of lengthy stories, I’ll give a short list. Here they are:

1. Blog Layout Editing. With the little html knowledge and artistic skills that I have, and with the help of other bloggers' suggestions, free online photoeditor picmonkey, and various blog layout DIYs and tutorials, I was able to slightly clean up my blog. Have you noticed the changes in my blog layout? Can you see improvement? If yes, then thank you! But if your answer is no, then please help me improve by giving me your suggestions.

2. Iron Man 3. I’ve never watched any Iron Man movie before except for The Avengers, which is not really an Iron Man movie, but just a movie with Iron Man in it. Even so, I highly recommend watching Iron Man 3! Don’t wait any longer. Go and catch the movie while it’s still showing in cinemas!

3. Canon Photoskwela. It’s a 2-day free photography workshop sponsored by Canon, held at SM Ecoland, Davao City, last April 27 and 28, 2013. Guest speakers were Fashion Photographer Troy Monsod and Travel Photographer Per Andre Hoffman. Lectures were given on basic photography, and travel photography. Some advanced photography topics were also covered and free camera cleaning services were given. All you needed to have was a Canon camera, and you’d be able to register. It was fun learning about all that photography stuff, but it made me realize that photography is a very expensive hobby. You might want to think more than twice, if you really want to seriously pursue it.

Canon Photoskwela
Free photography workshop brought by Canon

4. Swagger Jagger Dance Tutorial. Okay, so I’ll be honest. I’m a frustrated dancer. I love dancing, but sadly, I was not given a chance to explore it. I was a very fat teenager and being fat made me lose confidence. Fortunately I have a dancer for a best friend, and a sister who wants to learn how to dance. So, the three of us tried to learn Jasmin Meakin’s choreography of Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger.

Jasmine Meakin's Swagger Jagger choreography

5. Immunization/Medical Test. 4 needles pierced my skin last May 2. We were scheduled to leave for our family reunion on May 3, and I was not to return to Davao after that. I had to get all the medical stuff needed for my medical school admission done so I crammed all of them on the single day my mom was available. In just one day, I had 3 immunization shots (I don’t even remember which vaccines they were) and a blood extraction for Hepa B screening. The next day I had to have another needle because I had a non-reactive Hepa B screening result. 5 needles in 2 days? For me, that’s a lot!

6. Family Reunion. This is like the best trip I had so far this year. I got to spend 3 days of R&R with my very big Aliwanag Family in Zamboanga City. We ate a lot of seafood, bought a lot of Apollo wafer sticks, went swimming, and ate a lot more until our tummies ached! It ruined my diet, but I just couldn’t say no to a bounty of free food (my weakness)! I also tried to learn how to speak Chavacano! 
Aliwanag Family Reunion 2013

Those were the things that kept me busy. From Zamboanga City, I just got back to Sta. Rosa Laguna today, where I’ll be staying until I transfer to my new home when school starts this June. Tomorrow, I’ll go to UP Diliman and UP Manila to process and submit some documents and requirements! I’ll be giving life updates from now on. What’s a personal blog without personal updates anyway?

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