May 8, 2013

Admission Requirements due May 10, 2013: SUBMITTED!

In my previous post (6 Reasons why I haven't posted anything lately), I've mentioned that I'll be going to UP Diliman and UP Manila the next day, to process some documents for my admission to the UP College of Medicine. So,  yesterday, I did as I said. Though things did not go as planned, I thank God I still had them done!

I planned to leave Sta. Rosa in the morning and go straight to UP Diliman to get my Certificate of Good Moral Character (CGMC) from the Institute of Biology, which I requested 3 weeks ago. Once I get it, I'll immediately go to UP Manila to submit my requirements and go back home to Sta. Rosa. Simple and smooth, right? But my plans got ruined when I was handed my CGMC, read it, and found out that it said I was a student of AY 2012-2013, when my last enrollment was actually AY 2011-2012! I had to have that changed, and I had to get it done that day or else, my trip would be wasted. The process was supposedly easy, but other complications arose.

UP Diliman, Instamag
Look! I was able to catch a blooming sunflower,
even though graduation was almost a week ago!
I had to wait for quite a while to have my certificate signed. I was alone in UP, and had nothing to do, so I took that time to walk around the campus again, a year after my graduation. As I strolled, I took some photos using my iphone 3GS. My phone is outdated compared to the iphones 4S and 5, but it's the only thing I had with me that has a camera, so it had to do. I also took it as an opportunity to try out this app that I recently downloaded (Instamag). It allows you to make collages, magazine-style. However, if you want to apply filters, you must apply it on each picture using a separate app because not all of the available collage layouts applies filters. To the right is a sample collage that I made.

Anyway, after waiting, and after some uncontrollable situations got solved, I was able to get my CGMC. I was able to accomplish my mission that day: to submit admission requirements to UP Manila. The next step I need to take would be to have my physical examination this Friday, and then I probably would be given my admission slip! This is it!

Because of all the stress I was able to face yesterday, here is one lesson I've learned. If you're requesting for a certificate of good moral character, and you've graduated a year or more than a year ago, always inform them about your last enrollment because they're not going to check your records anymore. They'll just use the template, and their template is usually for recent graduates. Some will ask you about it, but others won't, so whichever the case may be, always inform them to avoid problems.


  1. Way to go Mae! You have come so far, we are all very proud of you! Love love love!!!

    1. thanks ate lany! :) Tomorrow will be our physical examination! Hapit na jud!


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