May 21, 2013

Physical Examination + Submission of Requirements = Admission Slip!

This post is long overdue because I forgot all about it. Anyway, I'm still posting it to give the incoming UP Med freshmen of the future, an idea of how these things go.

Last May 10, 2013, I finally got my admission slip. I’m not yet officially enrolled but I’m already fit to enroll! 

Before the physical examination day, I was a little nervous about how it might go. I already had most of the requirements with me – Hepa B screening results, Immunization record, Dental Certificate and X-ray results. The only thing left for me to do was to get my dental certificate certified by the UP College of Dentistry, and have my physical examination done. Seems easy? Actually, it’s the physical exam that gave me the jitters. 

Not in my adult life have I ever been “checked” by other doctors except for my parents. So, I was a little uncomfortable about the thought that some stranger doctor would check me up. I was relieved to learn that we could refuse any breast/abdomen/rectal/genital examination! WHEW! I really could not imagine how that would go. I don’t think I’ll allow myself to get any of those unless the necessity is very strong.

So, I brought myself to the UP College of Dentistry at 8am, and from there, everything went smoothly. Thanks to the very helpful 2017 students, I did not have any problems. When everything was done, including the physical examination, and all requirements were submitted (most of my requirements were already submitted a few days before), I received my admission slip, all in just half of a day.
I can smell school now. I can see it coming. So, I better enjoy my remaining bum days!


  1. I found your blog on The Collective and started following on google friend connect. I'm a law student, but I'm always fascinated to find out how life is for other graduate/professional students!

    Ashley @

  2. Is the option of not being naked during the physical exam for girls only or for boys as well? xD

  3. I'm not sure how the PE really goes, but to answer your question, anyone may refuse the procedure. At least in our school. :)


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