October 20, 2013

The Come Back - My Blog's Not Dead!

My blog's been silenced for a couple of months, and that's something I haven't intended. I hoped to keep on updating this blog, and follow others' even if I knew medical school would keep me busy. However, my academic load, and my being a slacker prevented me from doing so. I've poured so much work on this blog before medical school started and I don't want my efforts to go down the drain. So, now that I'm officially on break, I will try my best to revive it.

Just like how a mountain is conquered peak after peak,
so am I going through medical school - sem after sem.
The first semester of my first year in medical school is now over. Even though I will still be haunted by exam results, I'm still glad it's done. Thinking about the experience, I would like to describe it in one word – DIFFERENT. Different because it was far from what I've expected. I thought this time, I would change – be more sociable, responsible, diligent at the same time explorative. I also hoped to be come joyful amidst the pain of studying, because at last, I am where I wanted. Sadly, none of that happened.

Medical school turned out to be a different kind of struggle. The kind that until now I still could not completely define. But in retrospect, I realized that it wasn't so bad after all. I met new people, made new friends, and had myself exposed to a world different from what I was used to. Though medical school turned out to deviate from my romanticized vision of it, at least I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. I still can't imagine doing something else with my life, but I do hope I start enjoying this academic torture.

In the last semester, I watched more movies and shows than I ever did before (1 season of Emily Owens MD, 2 seasons of Two Broke Girls, and 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother), slept more hours than when I was in college and ate a lot more (yes, I'm a stress eater). Though my stress response mechanism turned out to be more of “flight” than “fight”, thank God I did not suffer as much as my attitude and habits deserved. I know that it's God's will for me to be here and I can feel Him pushing me to my limits so that I will grow in full acknowledgment of my limitations and His capabilities.

I know what I'm experiencing does not compare to the future workload of my chosen career path. I know I have much more time now than I would in second year (or in future years). but that isn't my concern right now. My goal is to adapt to this new life, and to do so fast. I don't know what the second semester will be like, but I've got a whole semester to think about that. Right now, a break is a break, and rest must be enjoyed when it's due. With that, HAPPY SEMESTRAL BREAK! :)


  1. Stopping over from Blogs by Christian Women. Wishing you much success in your scholastic endeavors. Finding the balance between life and blogging can be diffcult.

  2. Good luck Karla! I agree with Wanda that maintaining your blog and balancing school can be (very) a difficult. Scheduling posts are a life saver! For now, enjoy your sembreak to the fullest! You deserve a big break. ^^

  3. Thank you Wanda and Joan! :) Yes it really is. I'll try scheduling posts for next sem. I hope I'll get better at scheduling. Not just posts but also studying and other things. Enjoy your break too Joan :)

  4. Hi friend, just read this now. I do hope you're enjoying the start of the second semester. More challenges to conquer but our God is bigger than our problems! :D God bless! :)

    1. Hi jojie! just read your comment. Thanks for reading :)


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