April 28, 2014

Mati, Davao Oriental - Pacific Ocean's Sleeping Dinosaur

In my last post (RSO Bukidnon Summer Immersion 2014: No Dull Moments), I described to you the happenings in our Bukidnon/CDO adventure. It was a wonderful action-packed trip, but for Divine, Cherry and I, our adventure did not end there. Our 9-hour trip to Davao was just the beginning of yet another exploration for we were bound for Mati, Davao Oriental the next day. 
Divine and Cherry’s Davao to Cebu flight was on April 17, so while waiting for their flight, I accommodated them in our humble home. After our bus ride, we went straight home, prepared our stuff for the next day, and rested.

Early the next day, we (my family + Divine and Cherry) set forth for Mati, approximately 3 hours away. Most of us slept the whole ride and woke up just before our first stop - picture taking with Mati's Sleeping Dinosaur.

You might have wondered why I entitled this post the way I did, and here's your literal answer (the figurative reason will unfold with the story). In Mati, there is this island that looks like a sleeping dinosaur! Do you see it? Well, seeing it with our very own eyes was enough to shake off our drowse, so from then on, we were awake. 

Our next stop was Davao Oriental's Provincial Museum - Subangan, meaning "East" (Cebuano Dictionary 2010).

The Subangan museum is open form Mondays to Sundays, 9am-6pm. Ticket rates are - 100php forforeign nationals, 50php for locals, 30php for residents, 20php for senior citizens and 20php for students outside Davao Oriental and 10php for students and children within Davao Oriental (Source: MindaNews 2014. For more information click here)

Upon entering the museum, I was surprised to see its beauty! It was the first time I've ever been to a provincial museum as wonderful as Subangan. To give you a glimpse, here are my favorite shots.

After exploring the museum, we went to check out the beach at Dahican to see what the buzz on it is  all about. When we got there, we were amazed by the awesome beach - warm ocean breeze, strong waves, and the colors! Oh you'll see different shades of blue! I may have failed to accurately describe it, so here is a panoramic view Karen, my sister shot.

It was too hot at that time to go take a dip in the water. We decided to postpone swimming and come back later. We stayed there for a few minutes, and when we've taken in enough of Dahican's majesty, we went to Masao where we met up with 3 other friends of the family, ate the lunch that they brought, (lobster and pork chop - yum!), and waited for the boat we rented for island hopping.

Finally, the boat arrived and we set off for the first island - Waniban. The boat ride to the island took approximately 30 min. Our ride that time was a bit rough because it was windy and the waves were strong. I admit I was scared for our safety, but thank God we made it one way. At least for a while, we would be safe. 

Because of the waves, our boat men decided not to pursue with the island hopping anymore.They told us to take our time swimming at Waniban because we would not be able to go to the 2nd island - Pujada.

So we did as we were told. We took our time swimming, picture taking, and enjoying the island. I can't narrate to you everything we did so again, I'll show you my favorite shots.

When we're done swimming, we headed back, and as promised, went back to Dahican and played with the waves to our hearts desires! At first, it was fun being swept by the waves, but when they got stronger, it got a little scary. We got thrown to the shore lots of times, so, we stopped eventually. Now I know why it's gaining popularity as a surfing destination! No wonder!

Night came and it was time to rest. After washing up at Ate Glenda's friend's house, we went to a local hotel where we had dinner and spent the night. We had to sleep early because we would leave early the next day to go back to Davao City. 

It's been a long tiring but wonderful day. It was my first time to go to Mati and I was delighted to have a new beach experience. Mati is indeed a beautiful place for summer beach fun! The place and its beaches are starting to get developed. That's why I figuratively called Mati the Sleeping Dinosaur because it has a lot of potential to be huge! I wouldn't be surprised if it would become the country's top tourist destination someday (although, a lot of good/bad consequences will result to that, and that would be a different isue.


The next day came and we had to leave Mati already. We packed our stuff and loaded them in the car. However, we weren't ready to leave yet. We knew there's still one thing we had to do which is to....

...take an I<3Mati Selfie! 

This marked the end of our Mati, Davao Oriental adventure. But wait! There's more to come! Indeed, No Dull Moments!


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