May 6, 2014

Davao Crocodile Park on a Wednesday

(c) Ken Cruzado
Though I've partially lived in Davao City since I was 9 y.o., I've only been to Davao Crocodile Park once. It was long before Crocodile Park got its current look. It was so long ago I could barely remember. Because of that, it had to be in our itinerary.

Entrance fee to the Crocodile Park is 200 php. It includes 3 passes: 1 for the Crocodile Park, another for the Butterfly Sanctuary a few meters away, and the last is for the Fire show. Too bad it was a Wednesday - no fire show (Fire show schedule: Fri-Sun 5:45 - 6:30 pm). 

We had a hard time looking for the entrance to the Park and found ourselves going to souvenir shops. There are several souvenir shops outside the Park selling Davao merchandise such as clothes, bags, native accessories, purses, key chains, ref magnets, etc. There's also an art shop which offers Henna tattooing. In fairness, the prices of some of the items there (e.g. accessories, purses, key chains) are comparable with the same items in Aldevinco Shopping Center (the top souvenir shopping destination in Davao in terms of range of choices and price).

(c) Ken Cruzado
Finally, we found the entrance. We strolled around and looked at what there was to see.

So, What's in there?

Animals. All sorts of animals: Mammals, Reptiles and Birds! It's like a mini zoo.
(c Ken Cruzado)
Statues. Taking pictures with the statues was one of the things we did that I enjoyed most! It was fun posing with them especially those with slots for an actual person.
(c) Ken Cruzado
Photo Booth. There's a photo booth where you pay 40 php to have your picture taken with either a snake or baby crocodile. The payment is for the hardcopy of the picture. If you're not willing to pay, wait for the free picture taking after their crocodile show. However, they won't give you a hard copy and you'll have to use your own camera.
Cherry with the snake (c) Ken Cruzado

Of course there would be crocodiles. It wouldn't be called Crocodile Park if there aren't, wouldn't it? They are grouped according to their developmental stage and are enclosed accordingly.
(c) Ken Cruzado

Pangil. Pangil, meaning tusk or "a very long, pointed projecting tooth" (Tagalog Dictionary 2004) is the name of the largest crocodile in the whole of Davao Crocodile Park. When we came near his pen, we thought it was empty because he was submerged in the water. When we looked closely, we saw him. True enough, he is HUGE. Sadly, we weren't able to take a decent picture.
Souvenir Shop. Aside from the usual Davao souvenir items, Davao Crocodile Park also sell crocodile merchandise such as belts from crocodile skin, jewelry from crocodile teeth, etc.

Exotic food. crocodile(egg) durian ice cream, ostrich(egg) ice cream, crocodile lechon, and other crocodile meat recipes - How exotic is that? I never tried crocodile meat though. I'm not sure if my taste buds, stomach and intestines can handle crocodile meat.
(c)Ken and Karla Cruzado
Crocodile Show. We never thought there was a show that day. We already went outside the park and were enjoying the ostrich vanilla ice cream and civet coffee we ordered when we heard the announcement of the show. The show started at around 4:00pm. It started with the feeding of juvenile crocodiles, then with the feeding of Pangil, and ended with a free picture taking with a giant snake and a baby crocodile. The feeding of the juvenile crocodiles was cute but the feeding of Pangil was gruesome. He was fed with a slaughtered pig cut in half and you could see how his jaws could easily crush the animal. I wondered how it would feel to be in between his jaws instead of the pig! After Pangil's feeding was free picture taking with a snake and/or a baby crocodile.
(c) Ken Cruzado and Ada Mission

After the show, we went to the butterfly garden.

What's the butterfly garden like?

Well it was like a garden with butterflies! HAHA!
(c) Ken Cruzado

That was the end of our trip to the Davao Crocodile Park. If I were to rate the experience, I would give it 3 stars because I wasn't all that bummed. I had some fun but not the fun that I expected. Maybe it's because we weren't able to witness those shows that the Park offers only on weekends. Next time, I'll time my visit wisely to get my money's worth. I'll be back Davao Crocodile Park. Watch out.

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