August 1, 2014

Blog Revamp: My blog's got a new look!

Hey guys! Are you still following? If not, well I can’t really blame you. My blog’s been stagnant for the past year and I can’t use a medical student’s busy schedule as an excuse. I've been given a 4-month break by the academic calendar shift, (instead of starting last June, our school year will now start this August) but I still have not succeeded on giving my blog a revive. I've been holding myself from posting because I did not have the inspiration to face my laptop and write. I was afraid to commit awful grammatical errors, say something wrong, give inadequate information, and so on. I want to give you, my readers exactly what you are looking for, and that desire for perfection placed a paralyzing pressure on me.

Starting this blog kept me busy during my before-med-school-gap-year and I enjoyed every bit of it. Blogging is something that I love doing and the idea of letting my blog stagnate until it becomes forgettable is just so heartbreaking. So, to prevent that from happening, I’m giving it a revamp. I hope giving my blog a new look will give me fresh ideas. 

From this point, I’ll keep posting and sharing my life, to keep this blog alive. I’m not here as an educator, or guide, but as a friend and co-traveler in life. I hope you’ll find relevance in what I’ll be sharing. Welcome to Medical School Road Trip v2.0!

P.S. I'll try posting at least twice a month and let's see where this gets.

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