August 26, 2014

Mocha and The Book Stand

I had been looking for a book stand for about a month when finally, last friday, after LU4's first wave of exam, I found one! I found someone, for the benefit of some handicapped, selling them outside BSLR (our classrooms). I bought the biggest one for 360 php. Medium and small sized book stands were also available for lower prices. Last year, they were selling too, but I did not buy. So next year, if you will be in UP Manila and looking for a book stand, just wait. Someone will be selling again around this time at the same place (hopefully). 

Last week's exam on Family Medicine is finally over, and this week, it would be Pathology's turn. I have not finished bonding with Robbins and Cotran, and I don't think I still can. That means it would be transes, transes and transes for the entire week. With this, I will surely be having more caffeine-loaded nights.

The storm has finally come. It will get stronger, and stronger. If only I can skip this and teleport to the finish line, but I can't. All that's left for me to do is to appreciate every bit of this journey and make sure I don't miss out on life's lessons. Through the inevitable that will be coming, I will surely have a staple prayer - Lord, help me survive gracefully.

This is it.


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