October 19, 2014

Taking Stock #1

I would love to deny how medical school is wearing me down, and say that I'm fine, and that I totally got my game together. Sadly, I can't. The calm before the storm long ended and the storm's currently on the rise. Our block's been past 6 modules already and we will be starting the 7th this Monday. We've been past Pathology, Therapeutics, Hematology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology and Dermatology. Next up is Musculoskeletal.

If last year I almost always got my 8 hours of sleep whether I wanted it or not, this year, I've cut down to 4-6 hours except on weekends, and occasionally when I'm so tired I could not help oversleeping. Honestly, during the week, I feel mentally and physically drained. Good thing I have the weekends to recharge but still, it's hardly enough.

Selecta Magnum
Comfort food, Yum!
Things are getting difficult but I know I have to go on facing life one day at a time. I'm looking forward to Christmas break though. I could really use a break right now.

At this point, I'm finding it hard to keep my sanity, but it is through this that I've learned to find happiness in life's simple things - simple things like waking up from a refreshing nap, catching up with non-med friends, and eating comfort food, and of course, having time to do non-academic things like making this blog post.

Speaking of blog posts, I've been searching for blog ideas and I stumbled upon this relatively easy to do blog post: Taking Stock, from Meet me at Mike's. This is something I can actually sneak in my busy schedule and something I could reread in the future to  remind me of this moment in my life as a 2nd year medical student.

So, here's my stock.

Making : A blog post
Cooking : Nothing, but would love to cook! Oh how I miss cooking/baking!
Drinking : Coffee
Reading : Musculoskeletal System Handout (or at least pretending to)
Wanting : To have a long vacation from school and studying and go somewhere new.
Looking : Forward to Christmas break!
Playing : Return to Darden Road (through Spotify, Coffee house playlist).
Deciding : On what time to sleep.
Wishing : That there's a day in between Saturday and Sunday so that there'd be more time to rest!
Enjoying : Watching movies :)
Waiting : For morning to come.
Liking : How I'm awake at this time of the day.
Wondering : Whether I'll be able to get back to my hobbies anytime soon. 
Loving : My new heels :)
Pondering : On how to best live my life.
Considering : Not going back to sleep at all. My weird body clock's weirding out again!
Watching : Maleficent.
Hoping : To finally have time to do the things that I love the most.
Marvelling : On how doctors did it - go through medical school,training, and have families.
Needing : Rest.
Smelling : The aroma of coffee :))
Wearing : All blue
Following : Once Upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Modern Family.
Noticing : How fast the internet connection is at this time of the day.
Knowing : That Monday will come after Sunday which means, I have to go back to school soon :(
Thinking : About how insensitive people could be sometimes.
Feeling : Hungry
Admiring : The sunrise.
Sorting : Computer files.
Buying : Not planning to buy anything soon because I just bought the heels I've been wanting for months!
Getting : My eyebrows done soon.
Bookmarking : Movie trailers and top movie lists.
Disliking : Thursday nights (have to spend the night studying) and Friday mornings (exam time)
Opening : A bag of popcorn.
Giggling : I don't giggle, I laugh out loud! 
Feeling : Still hungry.

Outside my window, Good morning!
P.S. I've been trying to fill up this list from 2am up until 6am. It took me a long time because I was trying to watch a movie, while pretending to study, and from time to time, Taking Stock.

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