March 19, 2015

3 Simple principles that can make each day in medical school livable

It's weird how time in medical school both creeps and flies. Lecture by lecture, time seems to inch like a caterpillar on a leaf, but before you know it, it's Friday - exam day comes again! It wasn't long ago when I was merely imagining how I would ever survive the most academically (I emphasize the word academically because I feel that beyond our level, the challenge would be more clinical) challenging year in medical school - 2nd year, but now, I'm more than half way through.

2014's over and we're 2 months and 19 days into 2015. As I've spent the last couple of days in reflection,  some evergreen principles came to me.

Principle # 1 Touching other people's lives is more important than acquiring possessions, achievements, power and fame. In pursuing a demanding profession, such as in the medical field, it is so easy to take other people for granted. How ironic right? Even if you're still a young medical student, the demands of your academic load can make you miss important events with your family and friends. Given that, we should not feel guilty if we accommodate and prioritize important people in our lives. Unless of course in life-or-death situations for other people, or make-or-break circumstances for our academics. In the end, it's not about how much you have or what you've achieved. The mark you leave on other people's lives matter more because that will live longer.

Principle # 2. Stress is always there, don't allow it to get the best of you. In the medical field, stress is chronic. Whether you are a student, clerk, intern, resident, etc., it will always be with  you, and you must learn to live with it. Amidst stress, thrive.

Principle # 3. Don't forget to take care of yourself. In trying to take care of other people or things, it's so easy to forget to take care of oneself. Always remember, before you became a medical student, you became a human being first. You have your own needs, your own well-being to take care of. Don't feel guilty to take time for yourself. You need it. Before you can take care of others, you must yourself be well.

These and a lot more I have realized this year,  and these things I remind myself over and over and over again. It's hard to keep your sanity when pressed with everyday medical school stress. But I'm still satisfied with where I am. I still can't imagine myself doing something else. I'm taking things slow, going one day at a time. I'm still stressed about school and exams, I still feel inferior and sad at times.  However, I choose to look at, and think of the brighter side.  I'm definitely happier now. 😊


  1. Stay happy and hopeful Karla ^_^
    LU4 is definitely stressful pero masaya yan, maaming learnings. LU5 is less toxic pero I am sure mamimiss mo ang LU4 exams hahaha.

    1. Yes kuya I will :) nasasanay na ako sa exams and madami akong natututunan in life :) Looking forward to LU5! :)


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