March 25, 2017

7 easy steps to declutter your pen collection

Declutter Pens
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Are you fond of buying pens just because? Do you have a lot of pens that you can't throw away because they still have ink but are not using because you just have too many? Well I too am faced with the same problem. I love the Earth and I don't want to be wasteful. To address my problem of having too many pens, I have resolved to stop buying pens, highlighters, even pencils, until I use up majority, if not all of my pens. 

Wanna declutter your pen collection?
Follow these 7 easy steps

Step 1. Gather all the pens you have

If you are anything like me, you probably have a lot of pens stashed all over the house! Try to look for them and gather them in one place. 

Step 2. Sort out your pens.

Separate those with ink from those without. For the pens without ink, you can try out different projects to re/up-cycle them. I still haven't thought of an optimal way to do this though. For now you can refer to 15 Uses: Inked Out Pens & Broken Pencils by Makers Meadow.

Step 3. Place some of them in a pencil case.

Those that you use often, place them in a pencil case that you bring around. That way, you are sure you've run out of ink before buying a new one.

I found this product on and this could be perfect for organizing your pens! I've been looking for something like this for years now. It's on Lazada all this time!

Step 4. Store the rest in a pencil holder near your working area.

It could be on top of your desk, beside your bed, wherever you prefer, as long as it is within reach when you are working/studying. They have better chances of getting used this way than if they are hidden under your bed (yeah, I'm messy like that).

Step 5. Use them.

After sorting out the useable and non-useable pens and placing the useable ones within your reach, make sure you use them or they'll all dry out eventually! You wouldn't want that!

Step 6. Stop yourself from buying new ones unnecessarily. 

It's tempting to buy new pens. It's addictive. However, I advice you to stop yourself from buying new ones unless you've given yourself enough justification. You must have a plan on how to use them and make sure that you don't buy similar products without consuming the old ones first. Okay? This step is the hardest to do, but you have to. To save your money, and the environment :)


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  1. LOL, I can totally relate to this post. Whenever I see cute and colorful pens at the bookstore, I have to have them! I have a lot of pencil cases and pen holders now to store keep them organized. I'll try to do #6 (no promises). :D

  2. Ahhhh I never want to get rid of pens! Then I end up frustrated and just dump a whole bucket full in the trash after getting tired of looking at them. I've tried to stop getting *new* pens in an attempt to cut down on my collection – I have four types that I use regularly, and that's all I'm allowed!

    xoxo, Paige


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