March 17, 2017

Encouragement Weekly #1: Love the life you live

Today, I post the first of hopefully a long series of encouragements in the Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge. I decided to reset the count to #1 to signify a fresh start for the photo challenge, and also for me.
So, here it is!

Love the life you live
Photo of Divine Macanip in Asik-asik Falls, Alamada, North Cotabato
in an adventure after our Elective Rotations in the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City last July 2016.

To Divine: I miss you my med buddy. You've taught me how to look at life under a positive light. Because of you, I won't regret going to medical school whether I finish it or not. God bless you and your personal journey. I know you'll be a good doctor someday. Hoping and praying for the best!

With everything that's been happening in my life, I've come to this conclusion. You only have one life, and it's only you who can live it. It's futile to wish for a different kind of life. Your life is the only one you've got. Love it, and live it to the full.


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The Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge is an online support system which seeks to speak to those who need words of encouragement, via photos. Wanna join? see Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge Mechanics.


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