April 29, 2017

About The Wise Lark

Hello there! Welcome to my blog – The Wise Lark.

I know what you’re thinking: Why the title?

There are two facts you need to know about me in order for my choice of a blog title to make sense. 

Fact 1. I spend most of my time thinking. Sometimes of unnecessary stuff, but there are some very interesting ideas in there. I hope that as I explore these thoughts I will gain wisdom and ultimately share this wisdom with you.

But wait; isn’t wisdom associated with the owl and not the lark?

This leads us to the second fact about me.

Fact 2. I am an early morning person. With early, I mean really early like 3 am - 5am even on weekends. Yeah, you read that right. 3am. Larks are the early birds, the wake-up at dawn birds, those who catch the early worm. ☺ (Morning Lark vs Midnight Owl, make sense?)

Now that that’s settled, it’s time to state the blog’s purpose.

This blog is my online journal in which I will write about my passion - learning. I will be sharing my experiences as I savour the knowledge, skills, and wisdom that are available to us today. As I study a new topic, or learn a new skill, I will collate materials, which can serve as a reference for you so that you can join me at any time. I hope that through this adventure I will be able to find my voice, and ultimately inspire you to find yours. 


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