April 28, 2017


This story is for my boyfriend.
Kevin, Happy birthday!

Everyone was raving about how the moon that day would be special. I was not sure why though. Would the moon be bigger? Brighter? Both?

People were having plans to make beautiful moments under what they call the Supermoon. A friend for example, was going on a date with a really cute guy. I, however, did not have any plans. 

Then my phone beeped.

It was a message from him. He invited me to go jogging.
We’ve known each other since we were in college. He is from Luzon, I am from Mindanao, and we met in Visayas. We started a complicated undefined long distance relationship; a struggle for both of us considering our strict family backgrounds.

We were immature; we would fight over petty things. I would cry because of the lies that the monsters in my head made me believe. “you are worthless", "nobody would love you”. I thought these were true.

He said he loved me. I did not believe him because of the monsters’ lies. 

We would see each other 2-3 times a year. I would always demand. He would always make the effort. No matter how often he tried to visit, it was never enough. I would always wonder, “Will we ever be in close proximity?” maybe not.  

Many times we almost broke up. We almost ended. Thank God we never did. We held on. We persevered. We finished college.

I went to medical school in the City, he went to get a masters degree. At last! The stars aligned for us and granted us to be geographically together!


Of course I said YES!

Late afternoon came. We went to the Campus for our date. We made one run around the oval. By the time we were done, it was already dark.

We decided to go grab dinner. After a scrumptious meal of burritos and nachos, it was time to go home.

He was not ready to end the day yet, and so was I. He held my hand and guided me towards the Garden.

I never thought we’d ever reach this moment, he and I, here. We sat down on the cold grass, looked up at the sky to see the Supermoon. He wrapped his arm around my waist. I rested my head on his shoulder. He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back.



  1. Awe! I can so relate to "the monsters" :-( 2 - 3 times a year I can not even imagine only seeing my love that little. I loved the ending!

    1. Thank you shauna! :) We see each other more often now :) Thank God!


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