May 1, 2017

Project Launch: Learning Calligraphy

Learning calligraphy project launch

I've always been good at taking down notes in class. Because of this, my classmates would sometimes borrow my notes to copy. There would always be one problem though. I had bad handwriting. I never bothered improving my handwriting until I heard someone say this to a classmate who borrowed my notes:

Wala ka na bang ibang kaklaseng pwedeng mahiraman ng notes? 
(Don't you have any other classmate to borrow notes from?)

From then on, I made it a point to make my handwriting as legible as possible. I'm actually successful at this. Except of course when I'm on haste, which is most of the time. That's why I'm amazed with good penmanship and wonderfully formed words.

When I learned about calligraphy, I was naturally drawn to it. I would drool at beautiful calligraphy by various artists and would secretly hope that someday I'd be able to produce art as beautiful as theirs.

I tried to join the calligraphy wagon, but I found it so frustrating to get results that fall far below my expectations. Until now I still try, and my calligraphy’s improved, but I’m not yet proud of it. Therefore I would want to make Learning Calligraphy my first project for this learning blog.

I want to take calligraphy seriously. I want to show how I'm struggling with it so that if you are reading this and are a calligraphy noob like me, or an aspiring calligraphy artist, you'll be inspired to learn and go through the struggle with me! We can even be calligraphy buddies! Or if you're already a calligraphy pro, you can help me learn the art :)

Here's how I plan to learn calligraphy:


  1. Define Calligraphy
  2. Identify different styles of calligraphy and choose one to practice on
  3. Identify necessary supplies to start learning calligraphy
  4. Write the basic strokes
  5. Writer letters
  6. Write words


  • An encouragement weekly entry featuring my own calligraphy.

  • November (this is just an arbitrary date)

  • Work on calligraphy 30 min daily
  • Give an update on my blog at least once weekly

Do you think this would work?  Let me know in the comments section below :) Your input is highly valuable. Thank you very much!

NEXT POST: What is calligraphy?. Stay updated!
Credits: Img Src


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  2. You can learn modern calligraphy on The Postman's Knock blog. It's a great blogsite and they also give freebies like calligraphy drill sheets. :)


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