June 19, 2017

Coffee Break: Blogger Burnout Prevention

Prevent Blogger Burnout

I'm a subscriber of Courtney Helena's Blog and her latest email is about tips on how to prevent blogger burnout. It included points like slowing down on post frequency and on social media promotions, etc. The tips were very helpful and one action step that I'm going to take as an application is to have a regular Coffee Break. 

What do I mean by coffee break?

This would be a 3-week period that I would not posting new content. I would like to take this time to study blogging, digital marketing, and, to explore and come up with new and fresh ideas for my blog.

I'd be doing this coffee break every 12 weeks which means, 12 Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge Posts :)

What to expect after the break?

Tune in for the results of The Blogger Recognition Award! I've been working hard on looking for blogs worthy to nominate, so wait up!

So...what do you think about coffee breaks?

To know more about Courtney Helena and her blog, check out http://courtneyhelena.com/. Also, if you're interested on interactive blogging tips, you can join her Facebook Group The Blogger's Cure.


  1. omg this post is so timely for me. I experienced blogger (+YouTuber) burnout about two weeks ago. Only got past my blogger burnout last week, and as for YouTube I only got back in the swing of things this past weekend. My challenge is not feeling guilty about taking deliberate time off, especially while seeing people always being 100% 'on' about their platforms!

    1. Yes I agree Talisa. Thank you so much for your response <3 It's really good to take breaks :)

  2. I think that down the road, implemented "coffee breaks" may be important to prevent burnout, but for newer bloggers, I do think it is important to make sure you have a stockpile of content that you can pull from so that you keep your audience engaged while on your break. Interesting way to think about break. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Okay Nicole, noted :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts about breaks!

  4. I love this concept.

    I don't post very much on mine anymore, but I don't find that a bad thing as it also prevents me from burning out. I've been a blogger for 15 years and there was a point when I was posting almost every day and I did find that I was burning out pretty easily and losing inspiration. I prefer it the way it is now. :)


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