June 12, 2017

Don't lose hope (Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge #12)

Encouragement Quotes about Hope

Every time I look up at the sky, I get a profound feeling of hope. Maybe it's because looking up makes me realize how small I am compared to the rest of the universe.  It reminds me that there is a God, Someone who is in control, and that He can make something good out of a bad situation. He may not magically make things happen as I wish but He can turn the ugly  into something beautiful. That's one thing I realized after the roller-coaster ride of the past year. 

Exactly a year ago, I prayed that He change my heart from the inside out. I was tired of struggling to be someone perfect and so I gave up. I am myself, mistakes and all, and I left Him all the work of making me into a better person.

In the months that proceeded, my circumstances led me to quit medical school. My family was devastated because I was already in my 4th year. I was diagnosed with depression and I did not want to do anything but watch TV series and lie in bed. I felt helpless, hopeless, useless.

I couldn't believe that I'm giving up my childhood dream. Then I did some rethinking:

was becoming a doctor really my dream?or was it something other people made me believe to be my dream?

I've been unhappy the whole time that I was in medical school. Even in premed I did not know what I was doing getting a Biology degree. The moment I accepted myself for who I am and admitted that becoming a clinician or working in the hospital wasn't for me, the faster I recovered. Along with that are the many realizations that I've been writing about in this blog

8 months after quitting medical school, I now myself and my passions. You'll see glimpses of those passions in this blog, and I have no plans of quitting on them. :)

I hope that as I share my stories, I'll inspire you and help you get to know yourself and pursue your passions. We're dreamers and we're in this together.

So, even if you are in a bad situation, look up, there's hope!

How about you? What is it that you are hoping for?

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The Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge is an online support system which seeks to speak to those who need words of encouragement, via photos.

Photo credit: Kevin David Estigoy


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  1. I love this! Great attitude :-)

  2. I loved this post!! My childhood dream was to become a doctor as well...It was my heart's desire but God had other plans for me...albeit, I never made it as far as you did but once I realized that medicine wasn't for me...it did take an emotional toll on me...but now as I look back, I am relieved and glad it didn't happen....thank you for sharing this story

    1. Thank you for sharing Tangela :) I'm happy that you're happy wherever you are in your life right now :)

  3. Hi

    I totally agree, I too feel hope when I look at the sky. For me, it soothes my mind and soul, it calms me and makes me believe that my dreams and desires will come true!

    Thanks for sharing.
    The Girl x


    1. I know! <3 Thank you Laura Jane for your comment. The Sky indeed has some calming effect. :)

  4. Hoping for more blogs and travels here! :)

  5. I do the same thing. I always see God in the sky. :) Right now my hopes are simple to honor the Lord and to write for my blog. :)

    1. God bless on your blog! If you read my reply to your comment, you can link up your blog and I'll read :)

  6. Sometimes giving up is the first step of success.It's the beginning of a new story

  7. Everyone needs that extra bit of encouragement! I love this weekly photo challenge!

    1. Thanks! you can join us if you want! we have a pinterest board where we pin our photos and you can join our board. let me know if you want to join :)


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