June 9, 2017

How to change your Facebook Page's name

If you don't know yet, this blog was previously known as Medical School Road Trip. It was a blog I started to record my medical school adventures. However, I wasn't really into updating it because I was not that passionate about medical school. No matter how hard I tried, I could not force myself to write consistently. When I quit medical school, I rebranded my blog to The Wise Lark as it is now known. I now blog about motivation and encouragement as I embark on an unfamiliar road (life outside medical school).

Since I changed my blog name and url, it's logical for me to change my Facebook Page's name.

It seemed easy. I just did the following steps:

1. On your Facebook Page's homepage, Click on the tab with three dots as shown in the photo.

2. A dropdown menu will show and click on Edit Page Info

Change Facebook Page Name

3. Enter the desired Facebook Page Name

4. Click Save Changes

Change Facebook Page Name SaveAfter that, you will have to wait for Facebook to approve your Facebook Page's new name.

Easy right?

I waited for my Facebook Pages's new name to be approved, but Facebook kept on rejecting my request. I googled how to do it properly and stumbled upon one query in some forum. I found out that

Facebook does not allow changes of more than one word to your Facebook Page's name.  So I changed my Facebook Page's name one word at a time. 

1st week:

School Road Trip

2nd week:

The School Road Trip

3rd week:

The Wise Road Trip

4th week

The Wise Road

5th week (FINALLY!)

It took 5 weeks because Facebook only allows name changes once every 7 days. Hassle right? but that's how to do it. I hope Facebook will update their algorithm to allow multiple word changes.

Having the same problem? I hope this post helped! Thank you for reading! Let me now if you're having the same problem or have solved the same problem. :)

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