July 10, 2017

Blog Announcements: July-September 2017

Hi guys! I'm back!

I've been on a blogging break since June 19, 2017. The intention was to prevent blogger burn out. I wanted to have time to think about the dynamics of my blog and find ways to improve it. Honestly, I've not come up with as much new content as I wanted, but at least I was able to start a list of ideas for blog entries.

I admit I was gone for too long because I'm finding it difficult to get back to my laptop's keyboard. In fairness, the break wasn't for naught because it helped me realise how much I enjoy blogging. I'm more sure that of blogging than I ever was.

Now that I'm planning to emerge from my break, I will be making a few announcements regarding my blogging schedule. Here are the things that you can expect from my blog in the coming weeks:

1. Results of the Blogger Recognition Award  July 14, 2017
This would be a great opportunity for you to discover new blogs with interesting content! I made sure I read through each blog before nominating them. :) For the nominees, congratulations in advance!

UPDATE: Results are out! Check the Blogger Recognition Award v1.0

2. Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge: 12 Weeks of Encouragement from the Bible every Monday starting July 17, 2017
This is just a continuation of my Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge. I will be posting an encouragement photo every week but this time, I plan to feature God's Word from the Bible so that my Christian faith can be renewed. :)

Care to journey with me? You can join our Pinterest board: Encouragement and Life Quotes. Follow me on Pinterest  and send me a message with your intent of joining our board so that I can invite you :) I'm on Pinterest as Karla Mae Cruzado.

UPDATE: 2nd Cycle of Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge has started!

3. Eat with me: Los Baños Food Trip every other Friday starting July 28, 2017
I've been in and out of Los Baños, Laguna Philippines for 2 months already and I've tried some of their local restaurants and food shops. I don't intend to keep the knowledge of Los Baños' good food to myself and so I'll be posting my experiences every two weeks on this blog <3 Who knows? You might visit the place someday, at least you'll know where the good food's at. :)

UPDATE: Los Baños Food Trip is ON! 

From time to time I'll also be posting about other interests like travel, stationery, calligraphy and bullet journaling; but the Encouragement Weekly and the Los Banos Food trip would by my constants for the next 3 months! I hope you'll like them! You can also receive fresh content via email by subscribing!

While waiting for the coming posts, here are blog entries you might enjoy:

New Reader? Get to know the blogger and what this blog is about. Read About the Wise Lark :)

See you around this blog! I hope you leave comments so that I can also hear from you! :)


  1. I took a MUCH longer break that you did and re-emerged a couple weeks ago. Don't worry too much about the break - they happen.

    1. Thank you Kay R! :) It's just difficult to bounce back at times. :) But I'm happy I took a break. I needed that :)

  2. I took a two week break and just recently came back as well. Glad to know that you are also back and reenergized! :)


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