July 24, 2017

Hope, and hope again - Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge #15

There are times when you've done everything you could and there's nothing left to do. You've reflected, you've decided, and you've taken, or are currently taking action. Is there anything else you can do? Yes.

You can...


While you wait, you HOPE. 

Hope for the BEST, that everything will work out in the end.
Hope and PRAY, tell God all your concerns, your fears, and your preferred outcome. He knows all of these things, but the process of letting things out would be cathartic for you.

When after waiting you find out that things did not go as expected, accept what has happened, do the necessary actions, then hope... and hope again.

Why is it important to hope? Because it's hope that keeps us going in life.

What is it that you hope for?

Know more about hope in PsychCentral's article The Psychology of Hope. I found it very helpful in understanding hope and its significance in our lives.

The Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge is an online support system which seeks to speak to those who need words of encouragement, via photos. Wanna join? see Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge Mechanics.

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