July 28, 2017

Seoul Kitchen's Soy Garlic Chicken - Los Baños Food Trip

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Hello! :)

I've announced in the latest blog schedule that I'd be doing a chronicle of my food finds in Los Baños, Laguna. Why Los Baños? It's because I've been coming back to this place ever since 2008 and I've seen how restaurants have sprung. Food is good and prices are affordable.

First up for this series would be Seoul Kitchen's Soy Garlic Chicken. 

Seoul Kitchen is a cute Korean Restaurant located at Pearl Corner Santos St. Although not along the main road, it's fairly easy to spot. For sure the tricycle drivers in Los Baños know where it is. The jeepney is a cheaper alternative. Just take a jeep to UP College (which is what the locals call UPLB* here), and alight at Grove (Lopez) cor. Santos (in front of Centtro Mall), then walk through Santos St. until you see this cute little house.


Inside, it's very cozy - a good place to hang out with your friends and just chill.

They do not have wifi. They say it's so that their customers enjoy real-life conversations instead of virtual ones. :)

This window is my favorite! I'd love to have something like this in my dream home, dream store, dream cafe, or dream bed and breakfast! (I've got lots of dreams! Maybe that's 'coz I sleep too much? HAHA)

 Artsy, isn't it?

Okay enough with the interiors, let's go to the real deal - their food. Food is good here, especially their Soy Garlic Chicken! After I tasted it, I couldn't think of anything else to order from the place. It's heavenly. (Or was I just so hungry at the time? Well, you've gotta taste for yourself to know!)

Seoul Kitchen's Soy Chicken. Korean fried chicken glazed with garlic soy, served with rice, and cabbage with mayo on the side for only 115 php.

I was eating alone this one time. Good thing the Soy Garlic Chicken I ordered was so delicious I couldn't think of how alone I was. Even my utensils were a pair! Other suggested meals would be Sundubo Chigae (Korean silken tofu stew with egg, seafood and beef served with rice and kimchi 190 php) and Rapokki with Cheese (Ramyun with rice cake and fish cake in special spicy sauce, topped with special cheese, 95php)

Done with the main dish, let's now move on to dessert! This time, I did not go alone. I brought some friends with me. Together, we enjoyed our favorite dessert from Seoul Kitchen - Injeolmi Bingsu; we also played our favorite game - Sushi Go!

Injeolmi bingsu is made up of soy bean powder, korean rice cake, cashew nuts, shaved ice, milk and vanilla ice cream. So much yum for just 140 pesos!

They've got a lot more on their menu but these are my personal favorites!

For me, dining in Seoul Kitchen has always been an enjoyable experience. The place is IG-worthy, food is mouthwatering, and you know what's a plus? Their service staff are good and honest. I and my friend left our game of Sushi Go and forgot about it. When we finally noticed that it's lost, we came back one month after. Thankfully, we were still able to get it back. Thank you Kuya for keeping it and giving it back! You just kept us from losing our favorite game!

So, if ever you find yourself in Los Baños in the future, make sure to visit Seoul Kitchen!

*University of the Philippines Los Baños

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Seoul Kitchen's Soy Garlic Chicken


  1. Looks great! Wish I could fine a great bingsu place here in Davao :P

    1. Have you tried noonsaram? That's the only bingsu place I know there.. HAHA

  2. Great review friend! sundubu chigae is definitely a must try. as for desserts, my personal fave is either choco butter bread or the caramel butter bread (something like that lol). Also their Kori Kopi is a must have for those wanting to stay up for all nighters! :D :D :D

    1. Haven't tried their bread yet. I'll be back in LB soon, will sure try that and the Kori Kopi :)


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