August 11, 2017

But I am A Winner, We All Are!! - Sam Wambugu - Guest Post

inspiration by Sam Wambugu

Two weeks ago I saw a post by Sam Wambugu on one of the Facebook groups. It was his birthday and he was offering to give a piece of cake to the first five people who were willing to accept. Of course he wasn't literally giving out pieces of cake over the internet because that does not make sense. What he meant with piece of cake was a 400-word guest post. 

I gave him a positive response and that's when we started communicating over the internet. He asked me what kind of post I would want so I asked for something inspirational or motivational. Instead of a 400 word article, he gave me a thousand more.

Wanna read his story?


But I am A Winner, We All Are!!


This is my story, the story of two people who were wrapped in one. The one has lived a defeated life, and the other lives to see the morning sun as it is, beautiful.

The defeated me

I have lived through pain and hurt in my life. I have struggled countlessly, writhed in the abyss of hurt and defeat, without the slightest knowledge of what joy and pleasure may be.
The struggles were always there. When I was young, I struggled with acceptance. In my teenage years, I struggled with peer pressure and self-esteem…I struggled in everything. When I went to college, the story grew even worse. I could not fit in. I had issues, lots of them

One time when I was in college, I realized that I had many needs. So many were they that I couldn’t turn to my peasant parents for help. I struggled with feeding myself, I struggled with my phone credit. Everything started and ended with, struggling. I realized that I had to work in order to sustain my life in college. With the reality glaring at me, I had to find a job. I had no qualifications for anything, and so I knew that I could only do menial jobs.

I remember how it all started. The memory is not sweet or interesting, but you need to hear it. After a while, scouting for jobs with no success, I settled to work as a casual laborer at a nearby construction site. What could I have done? I needed to eat, and drink and pay a $32 dollar rent for my cubicle.

Working at a construction site was nothing to enjoy all have fun. The work was hard and I hurt so much. The construction site was under-equipped and we had to carry the blocks on our shoulders. Normally I would carry at least 300 blocks in a day. Each block weighed at least 2.5 pounds. All of this work was just so I could get $5 dollars for the day. The experience was humiliating and hurting. I remember my shoulders were much bruised at one point that I could see my torn flesh, ripped, almost to the bone. My hands were sore and full of blisters. The raw cement had corroded my hands, eating into the thin frail skeleton that I had turned into. I worked for more than 4 months, trying to meet my needs. The more I worked, the deeper my needs and sorrows went.

It got to a point when I could not take it anymore. I had suffered so much in my pain and there was no way I could have endures more. I had lived a very sad life, trying to please everyone including my parents but it never seemed enough.

The questions

So at this point, I made up my mind to turn my tables. I had taken in so much, from life, from my teachers, from the people around me and worst of all from my shadow. Although it came at a very great cost, one thing that the casual labor job gave me was self-realization. The push and the pain that I endured in that period was all I had needed to know who I really was.

I spent many hours of quiet time trying to ponder and think over how my life was. I started to question my potential. What was there in my life that I hadn’t known? I had known so many things but what was I yet to know?

I knew that I was a failure, I knew that I could never fit in, I knew I could never be a leader, I knew I always deserved punishment…but what…what didn’t I know about myself? Could I be a good person, Could I be a person who deserves the best? Was I supposed to have money in my pocket or in my bank account? Could I command respect from the people who looked at me in disdain? Was happiness and fulfillment meant for me?

Rebranding- The Positive Energy Phase

These questions needed answers, and my 6th sense helped me to realize that there was a very frail yes. I could be all of the good stuff that I always saw in others but never saw in myself. I could be glorious, successful, contented, and fulfilled. I did not deserve all those bad things that had happened to me. So I decided to take life head on. I challenged everything that came to my path. I challenged my internal conflicts.

I was out to create a new brand. The process was a tough one, but all the same very empowering. I could not sit anymore and watch people, life, and circumstances derange the real me.

The process begun with a wardrobe change. With the little cash that I had, I bought myself a new pair of clothes. I stopped wearing t-shirts and sweatpants. I remember I bought my first designer perfume as well. It wasn’t as fragrant as what I use now, but I was somewhere walking away from my shadow.

After changing my wardrobe and my looks, I started working on how I spent my time. I knew if I was going to find meaning for my life, then I first had to find meaning for my time. I made plans for my life and started with small goals. It took me time and lots of encouragement from the good people who wanted the best for me. Step by step I upped the hurdles that I set for myself.

At the same time, I was also sorting out my capabilities. I found out that I was better at writing than I was at drawing. I shifted all of my energy into what I was best in. I couldn’t play soccer as I would swim. So I paid attention to swimming. I wasn’t good in mathematics, but I flourished in Grammar and essay writing. I termed this phase of my life as the “positive energy phase.” I was totally consumed in polishing what I could do. I was also at this time, killing the shame of the many flaws and inadequacies that I had.

I monetized my strengths

It took me more than a full year to perfect every little strength that I had. I had given all of my energy to grammar and essay writing. At the same time, I had been thinking a lot over the issue of monetizing my capabilities but I never knew how. It was until one day that I heard of a writing competition. I signed up for the competition with so much fear in me. I remember I almost slid back to doubting myself. The thought that I would be the worst in that competition haunted me as I thought over sending an application.

I discovered that there would be nothing too much for me to lose. I applied for the competition and to my surprise, I slotted 5th overall at the end of the competition. I didn’t win the competition but I learnt so much from the experience. I got to know that I was an excellent speaker and writer.

This was what I had been waiting for. I had hit my full realization. I was determined that my life would take the direction of public speaking and writing. I researched about it, got all the information I could and begun the journey. It was ecstatic and pleasurable. I loved every single bit of it. And it paid off too. Here I am sharing my story.

In Summary

Life has what it has, and so do you. No one challenges nature, but I believe we can fight our way through, in nature.

I do not believe in giving up. And I feel so bad that I wasted a lot of time taking in all the negativity that came my way.

Look into the mirror and imagine. Imagine who you can be without all that negativity. Imagine the many lives you could have impacted by now. Look into that mirror and see the prettiest and smartest face on planet Earth.

You may seem normal, but you are made of such an extraordinary character that shines even in the darkest circumstances. You are the most influential being you can be. Want the best for yourself. Influence masses in whatever you do. You do not have to write a thousand words like I do. You do not have to climb Everest like some have done. All you need to do is put your heart in the little you do. Be extraordinary. Burn with a passion for excellence. Squeeze out any little juice of greatness that can be in you and nothing will stop you.

Fear nothing, hate no one, and despise no one. Have a very high affinity for creating love amongst those who surround you. Never let that smile off your face, and never let that heart-break suck life out of you.
I am a winner, but we all are.
Arise and be!

Sam Wambugu is a professional freelance article writer and blogger
Twitter: @realitflance

To Sam Wambugu, thank you very much for this inspirational piece. On your birthday you shared this piece of cake with me and on my birthday I'm sharing it with the rest of the world


  1. Great way to start the day! I just woke up and this is the first thing I saw and I'm so glad I did. Will probably do you a guest post too soon. One effin heartbreak over another hehe

    1. Thank you so much sizzling sisig. If you want to write a guest post just send me a pm on :)

  2. From collection of words to thought process everything is fantastic. Love to hear more from you.

  3. From daily worker to blogger, Never thought anything like that is possible. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us.


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