August 28, 2017

How To Always Look Your Best - Marianne Turkson - Guest Post

Hello guys!

Last week I talked about how it feels to be called "fat" and how to help a friend who's on a diet. You see, I was diagnosed with depression and that's one factor that made me let myself go. I stopped caring about my body, my health, did not even have the energy to groom myself. At the time, my efforts were on my mental well-being, I neglected the physical. 

Recently, I've been trying to put more effort on the physical aspect of self-care because that can also affect mental well-being. I tried putting on make up again, matching clothes, styling my hair, and wearing accessories, and of course, making healthy choices. Not for other people, but for myself. 

So this week, it will be about that. We have Marianne Turkson of Haute and Comely to thank for this week's article. :) 

Without further ado, here are Marianne's tips on How To Always Look Your Best 


Whether you like it or not the world is judging you based on your appearance and classifying you into categories, In some cases it determines whether you get the job or not. If this bothers you then I think its important to create the right image befitting of who you are. Not to say that you ought to follow any norms or trends, big ups to anyone who feels that how they present themselves is entirely their choice, but if you are looking to better your outlook then this post is for you.

Its back to school season yet again and as promised in the last post , I am doing a back to school series. Today’s post talks about how to always look your best. These tips are not limited to students only but also to everyone.

When you’ve got to rush out of the door to get to school, there is no time to think what goes with what, styling outfits is not everybody’s strong points, however there are little things you can do to style basic pieces to look your best. Click on the following to read about how to organise your bag ,back to school lookbook and back to school outfit ideas.

How to always look your best

1. Confidence

This has got to be number one, you could be clad from head to toe in luxury but devalue it with a slumped shoulder!

A slight show of discomfort or unease doesn’t carry the right message. Whatever you wear ought to feel comfortable, wear shoes that you can walk in, square your shoulders and put on your resting bitch face, not only would you look badass, you would also look like the boss of everyone, lol.

2. Well Groomed

Looking well kempt is crucial to always look your best

Good grooming covers all areas from having neatly manicured nails, having a wash, applying moisturiser, deodorising, keeping your hair neat, having a presentable face to having clean well pressed outfits.

source: constantly polished

On the subject of makeup, I understand that not everyone wears makeup I wear very minimal makeup myself however if you wear makeup, go for a natural looking minimal makeup, focus on one point of your face at a time. If you go for a bold lip, tone it down with neutral eyes for example. For me filling in my brows, powder and lip-gloss is mostly my makeup routine.

Remember that the key is to achieve a polished look.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Allow me to drop WHO’s definition of health here, “Health is a state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” This definition encompasses all areas of wellbeing, Mental health should be taken seriously because for me, it is the pivot upon which all other areas of your life oscillates. A healthy mind they say is a healthy body. We need to build healthy relationships, build up our social lives and pay attention to our body and its wellbeing. Try to eat healthy , exercise, sleep well and drink lots of water

4. Accessorise

Accessorising can take you from zero to 100 in a second because they complete a look by adding visual interest. Belts, neck scarfs, sunglasses bags and shoes, all helps to make an outfit.

When it comes to jewellery, I personally think that on a daily basis a dainty, or geometric bold piece helps to elevate your look from boring to interesting. But the key tip here is to stick to the bare minimum.

source: vivaluxury

5. Define your style and stick to it.

Little edits such as tucking in one side of your shirt, rolling up your sleeves, knotting your T-shirt and allowing your shirts to drape over your shoulders among others can take your look some notches up and help to always look your best. A signature style that is either unique to you, suits your body type or that you simply love. And when you have identified that style, build a capsule wardrobe.

Clean your wardrobe/closet out and build a capsule wardrobe for school, sticking to the classics rather than trendy pieces that easily go out of style. Choosing a colour palette might also be a good idea. I suggest you go with Katberries’ suggestions of neutrals, complementary and accent basics which you can mix and match to build different looks.

6. Contrasting styles

In keeping with the not over doing it theme, try to break down bold, textured, pattered or structured pieces with cleaner cut, muted or understated coordinates. 

Have a clear concept and stick to it. You don’t want different styles and patterns competing for attention.You want the focus of your outfit to be on one part of your outfit at a time. For example, pair a structured oversized blouse with a slim line darker toned bottom to help focus your attention on your beautiful top. 

Also, consider your body type in all this, for example if you have an ample bosom wear clothes that skim off your top half and has a bit of volume at your bottom half to proportion you out. 

Colour is something you should take care with. I’m not suggesting that you wear less of it but to pair them wisely. 

Girlfriend you don’t have to match everything you wear, Its okay to mix luxury brands (if you can afford it) with lower end brands, just don’t step out with a Gucci hat, Gucci blouse, Prada shoes and a Louis Vuitton bag for good measure, just why? You don’t need to be a walking advertisement to impress anyone.

How to always look your best? Remember that at the end of the day its not what you wear but how you wear it.

This article was originally published in Haute and Comely by Marianne Turkson.

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Hello, My name is Marianne, I am a UK based Fashion, Interior Design and Lifestyle Blogger With a penchant For An Organised Life.



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  1. Wow! A blend of fashion and healthy thinking. A good read. Although i was expecting men's wear too :)

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. Next time I'd as a guy to make a post about that :)

  2. I often just feel more confident when I am eating healthy, getting exercise, and my hair is on point (curly hair, so very rarely haha). Once those things are in order it all works out!

    1. Me too! but I'm too lazy most of the time huhuhu!

  3. awesome piece...If I was a lady, then, I would make sure that I look stunning everyday...only that I am a gent, so the opposite is very true. #samwrites

    1. HAHAHA! You just say that 'coz you're a guy. It takes so much work and effort!

  4. Very great tips
    Confidence and living a healthy lifestyle works wonders in making you look your best
    I love this post!

    N'Graffi Blog

    1. Thank you so much and again thanks to Marianne for sharing these tips! :)

  5. I really need to find a style that suits me well, I am already a mom but people mistaken me for being a single lady, don't get me wrong of course, I like the compliment but I think I need to upgrade my wardrobe in a much more sophisticated version of me. It's time to have a shopping- at ukay-ukay. :)

    1. Dress our age you mean? That's okay, I feel ya. I'm 26 and I dress like I'm 10! HHAHAH when I feel lazy... which is most of the time HAHA!

  6. I love this article! While a lot think it's shallow, I think it's empowering to always try to be the best version of ourselves

  7. Great advise... I just got rid of all my clothes and got a brand new wardrobe over the last couple of months and it feels great. I have also been going to gym and started eating healthy. Everyone at work and at home has noticed the change. I am more confident and taking care off myself.


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