August 21, 2017

On life's seasons - Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge #19

There is a season for everything

Currently I'm in the season of learning to love myself. For the past year my life's been bombarded with challenges which I've been writing about in this blog ( A confession). It's been hard, but I thank God for the time He's given me to get to know myself better. Because of this, I finally learned to embrace who I am; how He sees me.

How about you? Which season are you in?

The Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge is an online support system which seeks to speak to those who need words of encouragement, via photos. Wanna join? see Encouragement Weekly Photo Challenge Mechanics.

Encouragement Weekly Recap:
#13 and #14: I quit medical school but it's not the end


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  1. I love this post... A season to love oneself. You can only love yourself better. Thanks for sharing this. I am in a season and era to love myself

  2. I feel this. I gave up being the program chair in our university, then stopped my grad school with less than 18 units to go. I could say I am a quitter, but quitting gave me new aspirations such as starting The Ugly Writers. I feel I can have a far better reach with people with my website than with an enclosed university environment.
    With The Ugly Writers, I've never felt so alive. I guess it's one way of putting that I'm loving myself more now.

    1. Good to hear that sizzling sisig! Sometime's we just have give up the good things to make room for better things! :)

      I know you're helping a lot of other people through your website :)


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