September 24, 2017

5 Planner Essentials for Stationery Junkies

Supplies that you need for your planner, BuJo or Bullet journal

Hi Guys!

Recently, my life's events have been harmonious, as if they were set into motion by an invisible hand. Just when my teaching gig's over, jewelry school is starting.  Is it just timely or is it meant to be?

Things have been pretty chill lately and I'm just so happy and grateful to be enjoying this time of my life (thank you parents for allowing me to leech on your resources at 26 :p). If it were the old me, I'd be guilty for being chill. I'd be so anxious that I would not enjoy my freedom AT ALL. What a waste of feelings, right?

Anyway, you know what's another astonishing thing that has happened? Well, it's not a big deal but I just found my long lost twin. We were separated since birth and I never knew about her until a few days back. FINALLY!


Just kidding! I don't have a biological twin, but what I said is kinda true. I did find my twin, My name twin. 


I came accross Karla Carreon of in one of the Facebook Blogger Groups I'm part of.

Karla who? Karla Mae? nope Karla Maye. Close enough?

Not just that. I'm Karla Mae Cruzado And she's like Karla Maye Cruz Carreon. So our names are just a few letters off.

Okay... so maybe I'm pushing it a little. I'll stop with the names now.


Anyway, our similarties don't end with our names. We're both lifestyle bloggers and we both LOVE PLANNERS.

Given all those things we have in common, we just could not resist doing a collaboration. So, we decided to give you a treat. A back 2 back post about something we both love - PLANNERS!

She came up with the idea that we both post about 5 of our favorite tools for our bullet journals, since we both keep one. So without further ado, here's

5 Planner Essentials for Stationery Junkies

(In no particular order of course)

1. A Good Quality Notebook

Actually, I'd use any type of notebook so long as I can write on it. Although if given a choice, I prefer notebooks without lines or grids (Karla Maye prefers grid notebooks). A blank notebook would usually do, but for me the best type would be a dotted one. I prefer spring-bound rather than glue or thread-bound. That way, it's easier to rip off pages with mistakes.

My current bullet journal is a dotted spring notebook from Muji - a Japanese brand.

Dotted notebook Muji Japanese brand

Karla Maye mentions that smooth pages are good for calligraphy. I'm practicing mine so I'm looking forward to using this notebook from Muji. Although its pages are thin, but they are definitely smooth so they don't bleed.

I want to give you the specs of this notebook but I can't 'coz they are written in Japanese.

Can you read it? If you can, please tell me what it means 'coz I have no idea.

My old one's a gift from my boyfriend -  a Johanna Basford Secret Garden Journal which he bought from Singapore <3

2. Colorful Pens

I must admit. I'm pen-crazy. I collect pens and I hoard unknowingly!

My favorite set of colorful pens are G-TEC-C4s and Muji 0.38 gel pens! I also kinda like Pilot Juice. Actually, I like all kinds of colored pens! If you give me a set, I'd be elated! I'll trade a good set of pens or markers over a good set of makeup any day.

Colorful pens 10 colors pilot G-tec-c4

I also have all sorts of markers - Sharpies, Crayola Supertips, Dong-A, Stabilo, etc.

But no, I don't have a serious pen problem. Na-ah.


3.  Sticky Notes

For me the best sticky notes are still 3M Post-its. However, for a cheapskate like me, they're kinda expensive, and designs are limited. However, if you want your sticky note to really stick, then they're the best. There are sticky notes that don't stick but I buy them anyway 'coz they're cheap and they come in cute designs!

I use sticky notes for extending the writing space for daily logs of my weekly spreads, for brainstorming, and as page tabs.

4. Washi Tape

This is my  favorite arts and crafts material of all time. You can use it for almost anything! You can use it to decorate your notebooks, your pages, your pen/pencil, DIY containers, etc. If your sticky notes won't stick ('coz they're cheap) you can use washi tape to reinforce :) Though the point of the "sticky" in sticky notes is defeated, but it can give your page an artsy feel.

If you want to learn how to maximize your washi tapes, check out 100 Washi Tape Ideas from

So where can you find washi tapes? Well, you can find good ones in SM stationery and National Bookstore. I also saw some in Fab Manila. If you happen to visit Los Banos Laguna, they have this stationery store, Paponei's and they've got a variety of washi tapes.

When you travel to Taiwan, make sure to visit stationery stores 'coz Taiwan is washi tape heaven. (I haven't gone to Japan yet but I've got a feeling that Japan is a washi tape superheaven)

5. Kawaii Stickers

This one I don't really need but I can't stop myself from buying.  I love placing stickers on my planner pages to reflect how I felt that day, or to show what I did that day.

I've checked out Paper Stone stickers and they're cute but I find them kinda expensive, around 59 PHP per sheet. Japanese stores (Miniso, Daiso, Saizen, Japan Home, American Bazaar) also have kawaii stickers ranging from 44-50 PHP per sheet.

Just as Taiwan is washi tape heaven, it's also a sticker heaven. So I couldn't help myself but buy some stickers when we went there. It's a cheap souvenir because it's just 20 NTD each sticker sheet, and it feeds my sticker addiction so I'm like, YEAAAAH!

Tip: Stickers are also great for documenting the places you visit when you travel. For example I placed the stickers of certain landmarks in Taiwan on the dates we saw them.

Johanna Basford secret garden journal sample page
from my old bullet journal - Johanna Basford Secret Garden Journal

Trivia: Where did we go last June 3, 2017? Answer in the comments section below!

So those are the 5 things I can't plan without. I hope you found my post helpful. Also, make sure to check my name twin,   Karla Maye's Top Five Planner Stationery Essentials. Okay?

Obviously, I'm a full-pledged stationery junkie. I can't stop talking about stationery. Just writing about it gets me excited. I don't know why but there's some kind of energy flowing in my veins when I think about stationery. HAHAH!

Lastly, I would like to announce that our online shop, LITTLE DETAILS SHOP will be selling stationery items VERY SOON! So please check out LITTLE DETAILS SHOP's Facebook page and like so that you can stay updated!

Are there any of you who are stationery junkies like me?


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5 Things You need for your bullet journal


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