September 22, 2017

"Selfie" - Tales of 5 Best Friends #1

Friendship is thicker than water

This is a story about 5 girls who were the best of friends ever since High School. After more than a decade, they're still best friends. They've been together, and apart but that doesn't matter 'coz real friendship is thicker than water.

 They are Crazy Girl ,  Corporate Girl , Doctor G., KBeauty Junkie and Nerdy - the Geek.

Today, we have a tale called...


/*In one of their Facebook messenger threads*/

Crazy Girl:  

Come on guys! Let's embrace our being millenials! Let's not be titas! So come on and send your selfie in this group chat!

If you don't want to post a selfie then post a footfie , handfie, deskfie, any kind of -fie

*posts selfie*

(Of course the crazy girl was prepared, full makeup, feeling pretty. That's why she asked for this in the first place to flaunt her masterpiece. HAHHA but the others did not know!)

Corporate Girl: 

*posts an elevator selfie + red lips* (She's prepared too!)

Kbeauty Junkie: 

*posts wedding selfie + flower background* (She got lucky this time!)

Doctor G.

I'm haggard, I CANNOT *disappears* (As usual...)



Crazy Girl: ...
Corporate Girl: ...
Kbeauty Junkie:...
Doctor G.:  (Still MIA)

So Nerdy...

posted a picture of cells and calls it....





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  1. Very interesting perspective, not being a millennial. Lol.

  2. I love it. So nerdy and perfectly grabbed life by the moment.

  3. Ahh this is too funny!! Thank you for the laugh 😊

  4. This brought a smile to my face because we all know people just like this.

  5. Oh this is funny, thank you for the chuckle. I really needed a break and a laugh today!

  6. Oh my...this was a really fun read! I'm surrounded by millennials!

  7. Haha! I knew exactly what it was!

  8. There's always one, I'm sure everyone knows one!


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