October 9, 2017

My Taiwan Stationery Finds 2017

I'm a stationery addict.  I  tried curbing my urge to buy new notebooks, pens, stickers and the like in my 7 easy steps to declutter your pen collection but I can't get rid of them because for me, these things just spark joy! My latest post about stationery I posted 2 weeks ago. If you haven't seen it, you can check it out at 5 Planner Essentials for Stationery Junkies.

A few months ago, the whole family went to Taiwan for a 4 night-4 days vacation and of course, a stationery addict like me wouldn't go to Taiwan without bringing home some supplies right?

This is just going to be a show-and tell, pretty short, pretty chill and very enjoyable for stationery addicts like me!

Washi tapes ranging from 25 to 40 NTD each. I love the quality and the colors of these.

Stickers for 20 NTD each sheet. They're cute aren't they? Those intricate post-its are kinda expensive, 60 NTD each but I bought them 'coz they're so uniqe. They're paper cut art.

One thing I discovered that's actually super fun to do: instead of just writing down the events of your trip on your bullet journal, you can get those cute-fun stickers with the Taiwan's places and use the stickers to mark the places where you went on the corresponding date :) For example, we went to Chang Kai Shek Memorial last June 4 so I placed the Chang Kai Shek temple sticker on June 4 in my bullet journal! I showed this on my 5 Planner Essentials for Stationery Junkies post :))

See the intricate paper cut details?

Taiwan is full of shops and you can see these things everywhere! In the night markets (particularly Shilling and Xi Men Ding), in the malls, and in souvenir stores.

Here's the stationery shop guide we used to help us navigate through Taiwan and find stationery shops! Taipei Stationery Hotspots

Even if it was raining the whole time we were there, these stationery souvenirs made everything worthwhile! HAHA just kidding. Of course the time spent with my family was priceless.

Who wants ice cream? Papa does!

My sister's emo 'coz the bad weather took away the view at Jiufen

Haggard much? Uhuh! And this is how we went around Taiwan at that time! In raincoats and under umbrellas!

Yours truly at Taipei 101

Thank you Mom and Dad for making our trip happen! Love you both! <3

I hope I can visit Taiwan again and hoard more stationery! I hope by then it wouldn't be raining so that I will be able to truly enjoy the trip!


  1. Loved it Karla.....Seems we both loved Taiwan. Hope you can visit Taiwan soon and we can have one more interesting post about it.

  2. These are such cute stationery! I love the stickers

  3. great, seems a good city i havent visited it yet but i hope you can do it again and make sure to do another post about it :)). awesome pictures by the way :))

  4. Omg such cute stickers! I am obsessed with washi tape at the moment, this has made me want to buy some more..


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