November 3, 2017

Taking Stock November 2017

Making : The most out of the day

Cooking : Not really cooking, but baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

Drinking : Brewed coffee with the salted caramel coffeemate powder, still the kind I made the last time!

Reading: Milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. I found a copy lying around my cousin's room, tried to find out what the fuss is about. I did not like most of the book, but I give the author credit for her boldness. Warning though, the book is not suitable for young readers, probably 18+ or even older! (I'm conservative, sort of)

Wanting: To go home and see my baby sister. Well, she's a baby no more but I like to call her my baby sister!

Looking: forward to moving on with the rest of my life.

Playing: Candy Crush Saga. Not right now but recently I've been trying to move on from that level 124.With the rate I'm going, I will probably be stuck there probably forever!

Deciding: What to do tomorrow. I have so much free time lately and I want to thank God for this no-pressure period of my life :)

Wishing: I'm back in Davao City. I love Davao City.

Enjoying: Tasting the cookie I'm baking!

Waiting: For my mother who'll come here in a couple of weeks! I'm finally going home with her.

Liking: How sunny today was. It's about time, after 3 days of sweater weather. (Or was it four days? I lost count!)

Wondering: How I'll help our jewelry business now that I'm done with my jewelry appraisal classes.

Loving: How my family loves me <3

Pondering: On whether I'd want to have kids or not. I'm finding becoming a mother and wife really toxic. HUHU!

Considering: becoming a Gemologist!

Buying: Nothing for now. :)

Watching: How To Get Away With Murder, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Fresh Off the Boat. I also started watching Young Sheldon lately. It's a series revolving around The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper's childhood. Those who watch The Big Bang Theory knows that Sheldon is weirdly adorbs. HAHA! The show is so fun and young Sheldon's so... Sheldon!

Hoping: I'll be able to sleep well tonight. I've been having trouble initiating sleep lately.

Marvelling: It's exactly a year after my last duty in the Hospital. So tomorrow last year,(does that even make sense? ) was the day I left.

Cringing: On some of my old blog posts. But I don't want to delete them. It brings me back to those times when life was simpler.

Needing: 1.4Million Pesos (around 28,000 USD)  That's how much I have to pay my previous medical school because of a breach in contract. A contract I cannot fulfill because the whole situation of me + medical school + the Hospital + the City is triggering my depression and derailing my recovery.  Anyway, it's a complicated issue and I don't want to elaborate on it right now,  but we do need the money or else I will be forever in bondage. Lesson learned, read every contract before signing, especially "scholarship" contracts.

Questioning: My decision to choose that school. If I chose a different medical school, where would I be right now?

Smelling: The cookies I baked!

Wearing: A black shirt and mint green shorts.

Following: It's where I got this taking stock questionnaire, which I really love. Thank you so much  Pip! I hope you don't mind! :)

Noticing: How the days swiftly fly

Knowing: My suffering won't be for long.

Thinking: About all the things I have to worry about. So help me God.

Admiring: How housewives do it. It's really amazing. Raising a family.

Sorting: Through old blog posts, updating some photos, trying to organize labels.

Getting: Tired of life. I know I should be giving out motivation, but there are just those gloomy days. :(

Bookmarking: their blog/company is like #goals

Coveting: My waistline last year!

Disliking: The thought that I have to finish doing my laundry after this.

Opening: A new book probably. :) I'm starting to read again!

Giggling: At the young Sheldon. He's cute and weirdly funny.

Feeling: Tired. I did a lot today compared to yesterday. For that, I give myself a pat on the back.

Snacking: On the cookies I've made! I baked it for my boyfriend. Not sure if it'll last 'till we meet though. 'Coz it's so yum!

Hearing: The swishing of the water, reminding me that I have a chore to finish. HAHA!

These are some of the cookies I kept mentioning! Others are still baking! I hope they don't burn! I'm a distracted baker right now 'coz of blogging. Not good, but it helps me to be kind of in the moment here in my blog! HAHA

Did you enjoy reading? I hope you did! Now it's your turn!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :
Credits: for the questionnaire, and for the styled stock photo

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