December 11, 2017

12 Memorable Christmas Stories from Pinoy 90's Kids

Throwback Christmas Stories from Pinoy 90's Kids

I remember one "ber" afternoon, way way way back when we were still living in Pikit, North Cotabato. I was walking back home, feeling the cold breeze brush against my youthful skin, inhaling the fresh provincial air, thinking Christmas is coming!

I always looked forward to Christmas, because of Christmas songs, caroling,  Santa's gifts (which where really from my parents), and Noche Buena. I, my younger sister, and my friends would practice our dance moves for "Jingle Bell Rock" and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", just in case we'd be given a chance to perform.

There was one other thing I was looking forward to that year. At the time when you could buy a Yumburger for only 10 pesos, Jollibee was scheduled to visit our school for our Christmas party. I was really excited! For a town as small as ours, having Jollibee over was A BIG DEAL!!! Little did I know that I wouldn't get to see him because I would not be spending Christmas at home that year. (For those who's not familiar with Jollibee, he is like the Ronald McDonald of the Philippines, except that he's a bee instead of a clown!)

Although sort of sad, I still enjoy remembering those Christmases I've spent in my hometown, as a child. I know a lot us enjoy reminiscing childhood Christmas stories so I asked some of my friends to share theirs, to help us recreate those 90's kid Christmas feels.

Here they are. I hope you enjoy!

12 Memorable Christmas Stories from Pinoy 90's Kids

#1. Christmas sock surprise

Growing up in a middle-class family, we didn't always get what we wanted, so I was surprised to get something I've always wanted. I wrote a bunch of things I wanted for Christmas and put it in a sock. I didn't think my parents would take it seriously, but I'm glad even once in my life I got to experience having my own walking doll.

- The Bae Blogs of

#2. Saan aabot ang bente pesos mo? 

(Where will your twenty pesos get you?)

As soon as it's Christmas break, me and my childhood friends would already start Christmas caroling around the neighborhood. After which, we would use some of the money we received to buy food at the sari sari store and split the rest. We felt so rich having P20 each back then.

- Verj of


#3. Christmas is for family

I enjoy Christmases with my family because we always have a color-themed family Christmas party with lotsa lechon, and other potluck dishes made by my aunts (huhu beat cooks ever!)

- Mers

#4. The Note

One of my most memorable Christmas memories was when I sang an intermission during the family reunion (happens every Christmas eve). I was 5 or 6? The song was "How do I live" and until now, I don't know whether I hit that high note (the 'ever survive~' part) or - if I did - how I hit it.

- Jojie

#5. First heartbreak

I was in early gradeschool and it was too early for a heartbreak. I received a comb and a ruler in our 'exchange gift'. That time I felt like the world has no sense. I've hated combs ever since.

- Mike

#6. Let them liars eat cake

I dont remember the gifts I received but I remember lying that I heard Santa's bells one Christmas eve. My grandma just laughed and told me to eat cake.

- JM


#7. The Christmas that Colonel Sanders saved

It was Christmas eve 2015. Parents were in Saudi, and my sister and I spent the evening with just the two of us. When it’s almost midnight, we realised we didn’t have food!!!!!! No noche buena! Imagine the panic?! So we tried ordering food but they’re all closed! Luckily KFC was open, so we had a finger lickin’ good Christmas!

- karlamaye of

#8. Not your ordinary saan-aabot-ang-bente-pesos-mo story

(Not your ordinary where-will-your-twenty-pesos-get-you story)

I remember being so happy and content getting crispy 20-peso bills from my aunts during Noche Buena. I'll count all my money and plan which toys to buy the next day. As a child it was always the best time of the year for me.

-Patty, of

#9 The Lyrist

I used to be a Lyrist in my school's marching band and so my Mom convinced me to go caroling with my instrument. It was so hard, because it sound SO MUCH BETTER with drums and it's too heavy to carry around. I did it all alone. That's probably how I got my scoliosis, but I also got P100 in one whole night LOL

-Prei of

#10 3K

We would go around the village of my cousin and telling people "namamasko po"... then I would earn around 3K in just a day plus imported chocolates! That's how easy life was back in my childhood.. can I do that again, now? Hahaha

- Divine

#11 Santa Claus is coming to town (?)

 Waiting for santa but he did not come on Christmas. (Paasa)

- adviser


#12 Letters to Santa

When my sister & I first learned to write, we were taught to write a letter to Santa every Christmas. I can only remember one now, and I asked from Santa the toy makeup set I saw in the toy store. I didn’t know then that it was my parents reading our letters, buying the gifts, and placing them under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. To this day I‘m still amazed how my parents knew the exact makeup set I wanted to get. Opening up my present and finding out it was the exact one I thought about, and asked for, is still one of my favorite memories.

- beautyandtheblogxc of


That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading! Christmases may be different now for us 90's kids (who aren't kids anymore), but at least we have childhood memories to remind us of those times of simple fun!

To my friends who shared their stories with us, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

May we all have a....

Christmas Stories from 90's kids

How about you, what's YOUR Christmas story? Share it with us in the comments section below! 


  1. These stories are very interesting! Nice to see Christmas from many different perspectives :)


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