February 13, 2018

Taking Stock: February 2018

Making: Making my own printable stickers. I'm really fascinated with how easy you can make your bullet journal look artsy using stickers! 

Cooking: Nothing yet, but I'm thinking of cooking up something healthy this weekend (or probably next week?). Do you have any recipe suggestions? Link 'em up in the comments section, please? Help me out! I'm such a procrastinator lately. 

Drinking: Coffee. 'Coz Coffee is love.

Reading: Pip Lincolne's taking stock for January. That's where I got this list from. Hi Pip! If you're reading this, I want to tell you that I'm really a fan of your stocks! <3

Wanting: To do something productive. I want to feel good about myself again. I think doing something with purpose can get me back on track. However, I've been out of energy lately. :(

Looking: For a good glossy sticker paper that won't smudge when I print using my Epson L120 continuous ink printing system. 

Deciding: What to do after finishing this stock.

Wishing: Cutting machine for my stickers! It's expensive (for me) though. For now, it's not a priority so it stays on my wishlist.

Enjoying: Working in our jewelry business.

Waiting: For August. I'll probably be back in medical school by then. I'll tell you how it goes. Medical School Road Trip 2.0?

Liking: My no-work Sundays. I have made it a point not to do any jewelry business related stuff on Sundays so that I'll have time to catch up with my sanity.

Wondering: Where I'll be in my life exactly a year from now.

Loving: My family for their support.

Pondering: On life's complexity.

Considering: Buying a cutting machine for my stickers. I'm really crazy about stickers! Can you tell?

Buying: Sticker paper! That didn't come as a surprise!

Watching: Switched at birth. It's an ABC family show about two girls who were switched at birth. 

Hoping: For our jewelry business to thrive. It's still young, we are all adjusting, yet the challenges that we are facing are overwhelming. 

Marvelling: Marvelling at how fast technology is shaping the world and wondering whether humanity can catch up with all those changes! Recently heard of the Scribble Pen. I think it is a game changer. How about you?

Needing: To stop buying craft/BuJo supplies. I think this has become an addiction.

Smelling: Lavender. I love the scent of lavender. 

Wearing: Pambahay which is Filipino for "clothes you wear at home". For some, it could be jammies, but for me, it means a shirt and shorts.

Following: Lots of Pinterest boards lately! I've become a Pinterest addict! Are you on Pinterest too?

Noticing: That I'm productive when I don't watch TV series.

Knowing: That my family loves me is very reassuring.

Thinking: Of going back to medical school. I kinda miss studying. I can imagine being a doctor as part of my future, although not in the way people usually imagine. I've got a different plan in mind. Most people don't understand, but who cares? As long as it makes sense to me and my family right?

Admiring: How beautifully complicated life is.

Sorting: Through the stuff that I've accumulated during med school. I kinda miss going to school. It feels like going through stuff from your ex. HAHA

Getting: A gym subscription. I really have to level up my fitness game.

Bookmarking: Lots and lots of free sticker printables! Doing this on Pinterest! You might be interested to follow my board!

Disliking: How I feel after binge-watching tv series. That's why I'm trying to cut down on my screen time. 

Opening: A new pack of sticker paper!

Giggling: About my bad sense of direction. I got lost again!

Feeling: Productive today. :)  

Snacking: On Hershey's Chocolate Bars. This is bad for my fitness goals, but! 

Hearing: The Birds Chirping. What a peaceful day!

Credits: meetmeatmikes.com for the questionnaire, and ivorymix.com for the styled stock photo


  1. Good luck with your stickers, fitness goals and future plans Karla! Stay positive :)

  2. This is such an interesting way of taking stock, with all the different, detailed categories!
    And I feel you on wanting a sticker cutting machine...! I'd love one, too! Good luck with all your plans! <3

    1. Thanks to inspiration from Pip Lincolne's Taking Stock at meetmeatmikes.com!

      I know right??? do you have one? If you do I envy you!

      Thanks Evelyne ❤️


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