May 11, 2018

HELP! I'm in a Bullet Journal Slump!

I never thought this would happen, but it did. I'm currently going through a bullet journal slump. I haven't touched my bullet journal for a week. I'm even avoiding social media because I don't have anything new to post about.

One week away from bullet journaling is probably not that long. However, I don't want to lose the discipline of planning with my BuJo. Plus, I feel lost without my BuJo. That's why I've decided to pick up my BuJo again.

I think I'd like to start with simply logging my tasks on a day-to-day basis and unload on my "brain dump" pages. I hope I'll be able to regain my diminished discipline to do my bullet journal. Once I fully recover, I'll share with you my experience.

Have you ever tried going through a bullet journal slump before? If yes, do you have any advice? Any help will be appreciated.

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