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  1. Ate, san po ba kayo nagme-med? sa UPM po ba? Thanks

  2. Hi po Miss Karla ^_^ I'm currently searching for med schools... I'm just curious, can I still apply for UPM for SY 2017? I mean, I already earned a Bachelor's degree (i graduated last March from a different school tho), but I still have to take the boards and I plan to go on a trip..so most probably, I wanna be in medschool by 2017 pa po. I have no idea about UPM's policies for admission kasi. Please help me :D thanks and God bless!

    1. It doesn't matter when you graduated as long as you submit the requirements needed :) Your NMAT results have to be valid though. I think NMAT results don't expire until two years after. So you can definitely apply for AY 2017. God bless on your boards and your trip! :) Enjoy life before medical school!

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  4. Hi, Ate. Ano po yung qualifications para matanggap sa UPCM? :)

    1. Very basic qualifications for application ay 1. Having a Baccalaureate degree 2. NMAT percentile rank of at least 90. Para matanggap, I'm of no authority to say how they actually choose their students, sorry! :)

      for more information, read this na lang. This is the UPCM admission brochure for 2015-2016


    2. hello ate karl... paano mo ma sesave yung time during NMAT?..

  5. I envy you guys,
    Im a non Science graduate and i really want to take up medicine.
    I know i have to take NMAT and part of it NMAT is Science topics. All i can say is that i can ready books from cover to cover. Thing is, what book should i read lalo na sa Biology(sobrang broad). If i could only turn back time i should have pushed my pre med course rather than taking I.T (well i still enjoy but then being a doctor is still my interest). hope you could share some topics in biology that i should focus on.


  6. Hi miss Karla, can you please give me tips or techniques in answering the perceptual acuity & inductive reasoning part.


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